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Downtown Vegas

We arrived in Vegas Tuesday afternoon, and I still can’t believe I’m here.  I had no idea how far west it was after looking at a map on the plane (I mean, one more hour and we would’ve been in LA), and I actually hadn’t considered the fact that I hadn’t ever been west at all.  We flew over the Grand Canyon (which I could only see out the window across the aisle) but it was still pretty amazing.  We are staying at The Main Street Station, which is actually an old train station, but the train still runs right thru the hotel (well, it sounds like it is running right through our room, but whatever…).  Here is the view from our room at 6:30am as the sun is coming up:









We met our Anti-Workshop mates Tuesday night at a speakeasy that we had a hard time finding the door for.  But we made it, and everyone is great.  This was taken on Freemont Street, aka the Freemont Experience…there is this ceiling thing that is supposed to keep you cool during the day, but it has these movie shows at night that are kinda cool:
















Yesterday, the workshop ran from 9am – 6pm, and we were pretty beat at the end.  We had a shooting assignment where each team was given a Polaroid and a cardboard Elvis and roam around town and try to take good photos.  (The theory was to even the playing field for everyone as far as equipment went, and then up the difficulty with the awkward Elvis.)  It was a ton of fun, and I was put on a super team.  Here I am with Leon, Toni & Jay (whose blogs I will link later because I’m sure you’ll want to check them out) and our gold lame (not lame, but lamay cuz I don’t know how to spell that):
















So far, we’re having a great time.  It is really dry…I’ve actually used eyedrops!  But the weather is warm, and the people are great.  And I’ve put $6 into slots, and came away with $8.10…so not too bad!  🙂 




Welcome Henry!

You may remember Melissa’s belly pics from a few weeks ago…well, I got to meet that newest addition today, Henry.  Big brothers Luke & Ethan were so proud and excited to show him off.  But Henry was super hungry, so while he had some lunch, Luke & Ethan put on a puppet show that I’ll call ‘Pterodactyl Soars Above D. Duck & M. Mouse’.  You can’t put a price on this kind of entertainment:


















Without further ado, here is Henry!


















Here he is with the whole family (note the great ‘Welcome Henry’ sign in the background):









And surrounded by the love of his big brothers:









And the tiny toes:

















What a beautiful family…thanks so much for having me out!


Charlie’s 6 Month Pics

This is my second time working with Charlie, and this was the second time he was asleep when I arrived.  This was also the second time he woke up smiling ready for action.  He went from this:









To this:









In 4 minutes. 

It takes me a good 20 minutes or so to shake off my sleep, so I am amazed how quickly he shakes his. 

He has just mastered this sitting up thing in the past week or so:

















Here he is with Mommy:









And a great smile with Daddy:









And on a technical note, I got my new D300 last week, and it is SO sweet!  All of these photos were taken between 800 – 1250 ISO…note the clarity and absence of grain…I love it!!  Especally this one:









Thanks so much for having me out!  It was great seeing you guys again!

Sweet Treats

I have been working on and off (mostly off) for almost 10 months trying to get an album made for Brock & Anne Hale.  It has been a long road, but their beautiful, stainless steel covered album arrived Wednesday.  Anne came this morning to pick it up, and as a thank you, brought me four decadent cupcakes from The Baltimore Cupcake Company.  Take a look at these works of art:













The flavors are (from top left clockwise): Very Strawberry, Mermaid Margarita, Cookies & Cream & Kaluah & Cream.  Anne says I have to eat them today, I mean, my family should help me eat them today, because they won’t be the same tomorrow.  I can report that Very Strawberry is resting comfortably in my tummy…it was delish!  Wow…I hope the others make it til everyone else gets home!   But check out the website…there is a different line up of flavors every day of the week! 

Be sure to check them out if you are in the Fort Ave neighborhood!












And thank you, Anne, for such a sweet treat!  🙂

Tam’s Baby Belly

You may remember these two from their TTD session back in the fall.  Tammy looks every bit as hot today as she did then, with a touch of Mommy-radiance throw in. 



















Today’s overcast sky made for great soft light…


















Here is big brother, Boone, waiting patiently for Natalie…










More great light:


















And a little friendly competition:


















Can’t wait to meet her!  🙂  


Mikaela Turns ONE!

Holy crap! (That was mom’s exclamation in her email when she was setting up her appointment, and realized her baby was turning one…)

It has been a year since I saw this sweetie…she was such a peaceful baby the day we met, and now she is up and walking around, and having conversations with those around her (just not sure what language she’s speaking yet).  She is a firecracker!  Look at her in her sweet birthday dress:


















I started a little game of keep-away with her, and she thought that was really funny…










Nothing beats a little game of airplane with Daddy (do you see any resemblance here??):

















 It was warm enough to go outside for a few minutes and take a little walk:










And here is the birthday girl sandwiched between her two biggest fans:









Happy Birthday, girlfriend…  🙂 

Wyatt’s 6 Month Photos

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting some portraits in honor of Wyatt’s 6 month milestone.  The last time I was with him, he was still cooking in Mom’s belly.  He is such a handsome, smiley guy…he made my job a breeze.  Here is how things started out on a hand-made quilt that was a gift for Wyatt (is it beautiful or what??):


















He is just so cute I could squeeze him all over…and with all those pudgy parts out for the world to see, it was tough keeping my hands to myself!


















He is cutting a bunch of teeth, so if his hands weren’t in his mouth, something else was. 

This next one pretty much sums up how he felt about me after I neglected to catch him when he fell over and did a face plant.  He needed a breather after that…


















But he bounced back like a champ, and we wrapped things up with all smiles…










 Can’t wait to see you and big brother Grayson in September for your birthday photos!

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