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Pray for Jeremy

My wonderful friend, Amy Morse (whose kids you must have seen here a hundred times), and her family need your prayers.  Her youngest son, Jeremy, is critically ill and is on life support at Johns Hopkins.  They have no idea as of this writing what is wrong with him, but he was in cardiac arrest for over an hour, and now machines are sustaining him.  Please, please pray for the Morse family and for the staff who is caring for him.  Our God is a miracle-worker, and we could use one of those right about now.

***UPDATE***(thanks, Joanie…) Wednesday 4/2 pm

Jeremy had surgery this afternoon and is doing well.  They relieved the pressure off of his left ventricle and biopsied his heart.  The next 48 hours are still very critical but they are hopeful.   Please continue to pray…


***UPDATE*** Thursday 4/3 pm

Jeremy is still struggling.  He is still on life support, his stats and counts are constantly fluctuating.  Results from the biopsy are still pending.  They are constantly working on him.  With every bit of good news comes some not so good.  Please keep the prayers going.  Even if this infection gets cleared up, it looks like he will still require hospital care, so it looks like he will be there for a while.  Pray for the doctors and nurses at Hopkins who are caring for him.  Pray for Scott and Amy and their families. 

Update from Jen Carmichael – Posted Friday 4/4 am: The power of prayer was seen again today in a powerful way! Jeremy initially had a set back this morning with increasing fluids & bleeding but the ICU team was able to stabilize him for the rest of the day. He has shown improvement today! His color is better, the bleeding has slowed, swelling has gone down & heart rate is better. His heart pressure is good & for the first time tonight his mother, Amy & I saw his chest rise with breathing. What an awesome site that we take for granted! Before, this was not happening because his lungs were so full of blood. Despite the good day Jeremy had, he is still very critical & the sickest patient at Hopkins. The ICU team said today was a very good sign but there will cont to be set backs with some days being harder than others. He is still on life support & will be for a while & the outcome is still unknown. They are trying to turn back the machines some so Jeremy can do a little work & see his response but they have to be careful not to push him too much. They are pretty sure the cause of the myocarditis is viral – all signs are pointing to this but they will not know for sure for several days. They may never know the exact virus if it is determined viral but have been able to rule some out. His parents, Amy & Scott are doing better. Amy is in a good place today & had a sense of peace. They both were better tonight & feeling good in their heart with faith that Jeremy will make it. What a little fighter he is! Amy & Scott will be setting up a Caring Bridge site. It is an online journal & people can write back to them in the “guestbook”.. It is a wonderful site & will be therapeutic to them. It will also help decrease the many phone calls they & the family are getting. The hospital is going to provide them with a laptop to use. I expect the website to be set up in the next couple of days. You can go to: & type in Jeremy Morse to get to their site. I will let you know when it is set up & then I will stop with updates since the website will be the source you can go to at your choice. Many people have asked how to help. They will need assistance with meals starting the end of next week. Anyone that is interested can e-mail or call me & then I can send a schedule to her friend, Joan Robinson, that is coordinating meals. Ideas: You can take a prepared meal, send money for groceries or order carry-out. They live in Catonsville. Please feel free to e-mail or call me. If there is anything else anyone had in mind let me know. One of the main things that has helped Amy & Scott is knowing how many people are praying for their little baby boy. They wish they could thank each one of you!  Jen

***UPDATE*** Friday, 4/4 pm from Jen, Amy’s sister

The nursing staff was able to take a blood pressure today. The bleeding from his lungs has stopped for the time being (they are hopefull it will remain this way). They are giving Jeremy an IGB (antibiotic) and have stopped the medication for the bleeding in his lungs. Jeremy has a radial pulse, is moving when he is spoken to, moves when he is touched, and they can see his eyes moving under his eye lids. Jeremy’s brain activity is good. Tonight, they will slowly start giving Jeremy some nutrition. They want to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts. Please continue to pray for Jeremy, and his family. Please also continue to pray for his nurses, doctors and the techs.


***UPDATE*** Monday, 4/7 from Caring Bridge website written my Jeremy’s mom, Amy (who, can I just say, is showing the most amazing strength and faith in God…I am so inspired by her!  I can’t even imagine what a trial this is for her…to have her baby fighting for life in the hospital and having three other kids at home who miss her terribly.  God is the only one who can sustain us through situations like this, and her ability to trust Him right now is amazing…)

(Click here to visit the site yourself and get updates right from Scott & Amy)

They warned us that there would days more difficult than others, today was by far one of them. We were able to get a lot of information today and it has taken a long time to process.

Let’s start with our blessings. A big hug and thanks goes out to our family, friends, and support people. We could not do this without you. Jeremy needs a “village” to get through ordeal and that includes all of you too. We are also incredibly thankful for the doctors, nurses, and echmospecialists directly involved with his care daily. You are all amazing and we know you are cheering him on too! We are in for the long haul. We are so proud of Jeremy. He is fighting the best way he knows how. Every day has been better than the day before. We ask for continued prayers for healing and recovery. We long for the day when we can hear our baby cry, hold him close to our hearts, and bring him home to our family. We are reminding Jeremy often of our unending faith in God and his will to be done with our son.

That being said, the biposy revealed more damage than we anticipated or hoped for which COULD make his recovery more difficult. We CHOOSE to hold strong and faithful that miracles happen every day and Jeremy’s recovery without further major intervention will be one of them. It is possible and the doctors are diligently preparing for the need of a Berlin heart device and/or a heart transplant.

The bottom line is that Jeremy is being held ever so gently in the hands of our Lord. He is comforting Jeremy in ways we cannot. Everything that happens will be in his plan and in his timing not ours.

Please continue to pray for our son and continue to send our story around to others you may know. Our precious little Jeremy needs all the prayers he can get. I will be selfish and say that Scott and I could use a little extra strength right now and our family is growing weary and tired. Please send prayers to sustain them and us.


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