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The Meagher’s Welcome #4

Here is Miss Dylan…daughter number three (Mason was dying for a brother), child number four…does she have the best lips or what?!










Can you believe how alert she is at only 4 days old??

Nothing makes me feel better than a family who is so comfortable with me that they greet me in their PJ’s…that is how I found the whole group yesterday morning.  I love it!!  Payton had syrup in her hair and smelled like waffles…I wanted to eat her!  Mason was trying to trick me that there wasn’t anything new going on at his house and he had no idea why I was there.  Never a dull moment…  Here is the debut of the Meagher foursome:












I just couldn’t get over Dylan and her wide-open eyes just taking it all in.  Here she is with her sisters:










We got a few shots with radiant mommy who is cracking up because her precious baby girl just filled her hand with poop!



















The naked shot is always a risk…but look at her holding that head up!

So thanks so much for warmly welcoming me into your home at breakfast.  Just give me a heads up next time…I’ll totally show up in my jammies!

Keep Praying for Jeremy

One week has passed, and Jeremy continues to make progress little by little each day.  He has so many hurdles ahead, and more and more is being learned each day about what is going on in his body.  If you want to keep up with his progress, here is a link to a Caring Bridge website that Scott & Amy keep up each day:

Here is the latest entry followed by a tid-bit of info I could find on the VAD – Medow Heart that Amy mentioned he may be having put in on Saturday.  Please, please, please continue to pray and send his story to everyone so they can pray, too…

“Jeremy has had a peaceful day so far. Unfortunately, the chest x-ray did not show the doctors the amount of progress that they were looking for. However, we remain hopeful that given the amount of mucus removed and the difference in the ventilator settings, that we are moving in the right direction. They are hoping to do another broncoscopy later today and hope to remove even more mucus plugs from the lower part of Jeremy’s lungs. This should allow his lungs to recover even more. This challenge is ever so important!!! The doctors are hoping to put the VAD -Medows heart in place this Saturday morning. (remember God’s time not our’s, so we’ll see) Jeremy seems to be improving steady and slow, so we don’t want to rush him to much and risk regressing or causing another problem. The doctors have ruled out pleurosy, a condition which is fluid around the lungs, which would prevent them from inflating. Another factor could be the size of his heart which could block the lungs in the x-ray and not allow them to see them clearly. We should know more from the broncoscopy today.

Jeremy has been given a medicine that paralyzes his muscles to keep him still and a sedative to help him sleep. The nurses and echmospecialists are wonderful, compassionate individuals who read to him, hold his little fingers, stroke his forehead, and even groom his lovely hair. All above and beyond the protocols of care. They love him and are cheering him on with us. It comforts us beyond belief to know that they have become part of our family too. They comfort Jeremy when we cannot.

Let’s not leave our almighty father out of this either. We know in our soul that Jeremy is resting peacefully in his love and care. We have been selfish, asking God to give us signs that he is there and that he hears the prayers of us and all of you. He doesn’t have to respond, but he has. There have too many “God-instances” to count. Those we’ll discuss in another journal. We long for the day when Jeremy can tell about this intimate experience with Jesus.

Please keep the prayers coming and know just how very much we appreciate all of the support that we are receiving. Look up the Medows heart online, consider donating blood, and love those near and dear to you.

Amy and Scott”

Here is what I found online about the VAD:

The ventricular assist device (VAD), or “artificial ventricle,” is an internally implanted pump designed to aid a person with a failing left ventricle; unlike an artificial heart, it does not require removal of the patient’s heart. A version for temporary use was developed in 1964. In 1991 doctors implanted the first portable VAD; it was powered by a battery pack. Its pump used a special interior lining to promote the growth of a surface similar to that which lines the blood vessels, reducing the risk of the formation of blood clots, which can cause stroke.

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