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Welcome, Miss Natalie!

There is nothing better than taking photos for friends.  Sometimes it is a little stressful because you want to do a super-duper job, but Tam & Kevin are so much fun to be around, it is hard to stress.  And when you get a shot of their 7 day old daughter smiling, it is all good…


















Now, Miss Thing wasn’t too excited to see me at first, but she made such a fuss there was no option but to put a bottle in her mouth.  And after she sucked it down, she was good to go.  Look at her in her little bloomers:










The happy fam:










And I love the way this wedding ring shot turned out:









Thank you guys for having me out…you made a beautiful daughter!  Congratulations!  🙂

Stan & Ange’s E Session

On Wednesday, we woke to a dreary looking day, but it wasn’t really raining, so I was very happy.  Only 10 days until Stan & Ange’s wedding, so this was our last shot to do their engagement session.  So it was off to Brookside Gardens in Wheaton.  There were daffodils, tulips, and hyacinth everywhere!  It is still so early in spring, and there was much left to bloom, but this was off to a beautiful start!  There were geese waddling around, too.  Lots to see…


















The shades of purple and pink made us forget all about the clouds…


















Inside the greenhouse were oodles and oodles of flowers and plants, and we got some nice shots there, too…









There were a bunch of art students working on various projects all over the place.  They were doing watercolors of the weeping cherry trees, oils by the pond.  But I think I had the best subjects:



















Thank you guys so much for taking me to a great new location!  Can’t wait for the wedding!



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