Fundraising for Jeremy

Well, God is good!  Little Jeremy needed a quiet, restful week, and that is exactly what God gave him.  Here is an excerpt from Amy’s post today:

God has heard our prayers, Jeremy is showing improvement. We couldn’t be more thankful to God !! We also thank all of the doctors, nurses, and RTs, your hard work and dedication is paying off. Last but not least, we are so proud of Jeremy. He is working so hard and proving again just how strong he is! We also appreciate our family and friends for EVERYTHING that they do to help us get on with the daily tasks of life.

Jeremy is currently on 65% oxygen, which is very close to our goal. He has come down on the mean airway pressures and some of the blood pressure medicines. We are hopeful that Jeremy will continue walking a bit more briskly in this direction.

He still has a long road, so keep those prayers coming!

Fundraising efforts have begun for the Morse family.  We are currently selling 50/50 raffle tickets at $10 each.  The initial order was for 1,000 tickets, but they seem to be selling very well, so we may be looking at getting more.  The drawing will be held May 31st, so if you are interested in buying a ticket (or 10), please let me know.  I will be selling them at Holy Nativity this Sunday after the late service.  I also have blue bows for your trees and blue ribbons to wear.  The blue bows are peppered throught Catonsville and surrounding areas…they can be seen most prominently down Frederick Road where many businesses have posted them along the street to show support for Jeremy and his family.  Here is a collage of just a few bows I saw on some of those businesses this week:















Jessica Nelson wrote a great essay on the significance and importace of the bows:

                                                             Wrapping the Town in Blue

 Yellow bows tied to homes, trees and porches are a sign of support, love and prayer for American soldiers in times of war.  In a similar effort of support, love and prayer, blue bows have been tied to many area businesses and homes in support of Catonsville’s own brave little soldier, 5-month-old Jeremy Morse.  Sweet little Baby Jeremy was taken to the hospital on April 1, 2008 to treat dehydration.  While in the ER, he went into cardiac arrest and was placed on life support.  So began the roller coaster ride for him and his family.


While they continue to deal with the ups and downs family members and friends are struggling to show their support in every way.  Their utmost request has been for prayers.  The millions of prayers said for Jeremy and his family have clearly helped the family stay afloat during these difficult times.


Thousands of visitors from all over the country have flocked to the website ( to view the nearly daily updates.  There are several fundraising efforts and blood drives taking place and in the works to help with the mounting medical expenses for this miracle baby.


But the blue bows are something extra special.  They started cropping up at local businesses along Frederick Road in Catonsville in the weeks after Jeremy was hospitalized.  Passers-by wondered, “what are those bows for?”  When they learned the story behind the blue bows, that meant more thoughts and prayers to buoy the spirits of the fighting Jeremy and his amazingly strong parents. 


The blue bows also mean something special to Jeremy’s older sister and brothers who now notice every blue bow tied to honor their little brother.


Every time you see a blue bow, stop and say a prayer.  As the blue bows continue to spread that will add up to a lot of prayers…..and that is what the Morse Family and Baby Jeremy really need right now.


Please consider buying a bow, raffle ticket, or just making a donation.  The medical bills that are piling up are unimaginable.  Some of his treatments and meds are ‘experimental’ and not covered at all by insurance.  You can only imagine what 39 days and counting at Hopkins adds up to. Checks can be made to Jeremy Morse, and mailed to me, picked up by me…whatever…just let me know! And above all else, keep those prayers coming!

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  1. 1 Joan Hesser May 16, 2008 at 8:15 am

    Hi Heather,

    I love all your photos, but mostly love the friendship you so generously share with Scott and Amy. Thank you for your blog and photo journal entries. I am asking if you could share the collage photo on Jeremys web site…it is such a tribute and heart felt reflection of the community spirit. I think the 60,ooo plus friends from around the world would feel that prayer support as well. Thank you . Amys Aunt Joni

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