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Lola’s Baptism

It was a big day for  Miss Lola yesterday, and her whole family was there to share it as she was to be baptized.  Her dress was gorgeous (and there was lots of it).  Here is a shot of the whole fam (look at big sister Lily waving at me):










Here are the girlies together:










Shortly after this, Lola said, “I’m tired.  I’m out.”  And she was out in like 20 seconds flat.  But we got this sweet shot while she slept:


















Here she is with mommy & daddy:

















Thanks so much for having me out.  Your family is always a dream to work with. 




The Rosenthals…finally!

We have had to reschedule this appointment so many times due to schedules and weather…it got to be a joke after a while.  But I finally me this great family Saturday, and we got to enjoy some of the nice weather.  Morgan was waking up as I arrived, and this is one of the first photos I took:










We headed outside for a few:










Love this one:










These guys have a great yard with the most beautiful landscaping, I could have taken pictures there all day. But it was super bright, and Morgan was having a hard time keeping her peepers open.  So we went inside, which seemed to please her based on this expression:



















But shortly after, she decided it was naptime, and picture time was over.  So I’ll go back and do some more on a day that is better for her.  But I thought we did great for our first time (finally) together!  🙂 

Thanks to Jodie and the girls at Neiman’s for giving me as a gift!  🙂


Sydney is ONE!

Wow…that year flew by!  Sydney has grown into the cutest little girls!  She is running (not just walking) all over the place, and she loves to sing and dance (The Itsy Bitsy Spider seems to be a fave).  This picture makes me laugh everytime I look at it:

















And is she ever in love with her Daddy!  The feeling is completely mutual, as you can see here:


















Does she have an infectious smile or what?!


















Here is a shot of the whole fam…they are expecting #2 in September, so this group will be a little bigger by the end of the year (belly shots to come later…).










What a good looking group!  Always a pleasure, guys…  🙂




Babst Belly

Is there something in the water around here?  Is anyone noticing a pattern?  I have shot three newborns and three bellies this week.  Spring has sprung, I guess! 

Amy & Craig are expecting their first daughter next month, and I did some belly photos for them last Friday.  It was a rainy morning, but we got some great stuff inside.  They have this great sun porch with a sweet brick wall, and a great blue door.  So we spent a lot of time out tehre.  Again, another person who is glowing and beautiful when they are pregnant. 

















Look at these two together…so sweet:

















Last time I saw Amy, her hair was much longer…I love her new look:

















Look at that perfect belly:










Can’t wait to meet Kira!  🙂




Sutton Belly

And not a moment too soon, I might add.  I did Brian & Valerie’s wedding a couple years ago, and now they are expecting their first child.  So I went over Friday afternoon to do the belly shots, and got a call Saturday night saying the baby had come!  Four weeks early!  Talk about squeaking by…  But everyone is well, and I am hoping to go tomorrow and take Cole’s newborn photos…

Mom & Dad hanging out in the perfectly decorated nursery:












Valerie wore pregnancy very well…glad we caught her before she wan’t preggers anymore!

















I made a joke about her not being able to button that shirt in another month, but I guess she doesn’t have to worry about that anymore!


















We headed outside for a few snaps in the humidity…


















Congratulations, you guys!  Hope to see you soon!  🙂




Kim’s ‘B’ Session

Boudoir sessions are getting to be an ever-popular wedding gift for brides to their hubbys.  Kim and Jason are getting married next month (I can’t believe it!) and she wanted to do some photos for him.  We will make a book of all the different poses for him and she will present it to him on their wedding night.  How romantic!  I’m posting three shots from our session…they are a little steamy, so if the kiddos are around, you may want to turn small eyes away…

They are renting this great townhouse in Canton, and it made for a great backdrop for the photos.


















My job is pretty easy when I have such pretty clients…









And this one is one of my favorites from the session…very sexy…

















I am expecting a very nice thank you note from Jason someday…  🙂




Sumpter Belly

Luchana & Terrence are expecting their first child soon, so I went out last week and take some belly photos for them.  Here is Mommy and Chloe (their real first child) in the beautiful nursery…

















Mommy and Daddy together:

















I’m not sure what Chloe will do when she is upstaged by this baby…she is such a ham!

















We ventured outside for a few.  Are these two going to make a beautiful baby or what? 

















Thank you guys for having me out!  I can’t wait to meet Emerson next month!  And thanks to Radiah Rhodes for the hook-up!



The Boniface Girls

Woohoo, these girls are wild!  We met at Crofton Park last week.  Clouds were rolling in as I was on my way, but thankfully we didn’t get rained on.  Emily & Sarah had a blast on the playground…sitting still, however, was not on the agenda.  But what 2-3 year olds have that?  But we got some great stuff…

Look at these cheeseballs:









Emily was doing a little posing for me here and there:

















And Sarah let loose with the smiles as we were wrapping things up…

















Here is one more shot of the girls together:









Thanks so much for having me out!  It was great meeting you guys!  And thanks to Debra Killway for the hook-up! 



Welcome, Brad…

Three was a charm last Tuesday, when I got to meet three new babies.  Bradley was my last stop, and he and big brother Evan did some super picture taking for me.  Look at the (dare I say?) perfect shot of the two brothers together:

















Daddy and his boys:









And Lauren is such a sweet mommy…

















And this one cracks me up…when I was out a few weeks ago to do Lauren’s belly shots, Evan was kissing and smelling and rubbing her feet…so it was only fitting to see his foot fettish spill over to Brad:









Congratulations on becoming a family of four!  Can’t wait to watch them grow!



Welcome, Michael…

Babies, babies…everyewhere!  Another sign of spring?  Whatever it is, I am loving visiting all these tiny babies!  Here is Michael, first son of Jennie & Anthony:









Here is Michael getting settled in his cradle (this was actually made for Jennie when she was an infant…how cool is that?!):

















So expressive with his faces already…









And who is super excited to have been born in 2008?









Thanks so much for having me out, you guys.  He is gorgeous!



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