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Welcome, Cole!

Let me be the first to introduce the newly expanded Sutton family…a la baby Cole:

















This little guy was only three days old yesterday, and even though Mommy & Daddy were still a little shell shocked, they invited me to come take Cole’s first photos.  He is such a little peanut…just 5 pounds and some change.  He came a few weeks early (remember the belly photos from last week??) but is doing great. 

Here he is in Daddy’s arms (love the fuzzy wuzzy hair):










Look what the stork dragged in:


















We did a lot of messing around with him, and he did very little fussing.  He was the perfect subject!  Congrats to Brian & Valerie…you made a beautiful baby!  🙂



Waiting for Katelyn

I finally got to work with Jennifer & her daughter Jessica on Monday.  Jen is a very good friend of Amy Morse’s, so we’ve known each other a while, just haven’t worked together.  But now Jen is expecting daughter #2, Katelyn (hope i’m spelling that right…) so we did some belly shots.  I love this first one:



















Jessica had the perfect peepers for the peek-a-boo shot:










And then at the very end, we got some of just Jessica by herself.  She was such a helper the whole time, and a most wonderful model.  Thanks for being such a great assistant!

















Can’t wait to meet baby!  🙂

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