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The Aben Kids

We met at Erin’s mom’s place yesterday afternoon, and had fun just playing and catching the kids in playful, fun moments.  I think we got some super stuff!  Here is Sam on the tire swing:

















Here is Jameson with a bumble bee sucker:









And Miss Ella, who wasn’t giving away smiles too freely, but we got some good stuff when she started snuggling with Mommy towards the end:

















And this may be one of my top 10 faves of all times…I just love all the laughing and smiling in this shot…I can hear it when I look at it:


















I just love it!  Thanks for having me out again…it was a blast!


Ernie & Amanda

With a rapidly approaching wedding date in July, we needed to get some engagement shots done for these two.  With such full plates, they decided to come to my place and grab some shots here.  Gotta love that late day light:









Check the bling…


















And I love this one…










Can’t wait til the wedding!


The Smith Family

These guys were my first shoot after my 5 days in Charlotte/Denver.  Ironically enough, they are moving to Denver in three weeks…hopefully they will be one of my next excuses to visit there!

And because of the holiday, Tuesday was definitley feeling a lot like Monday to me, but you know it is going to be a good one when one of your first shots looks like this:










Here is the whole fam…


















We have never gotten a shot of Mom & Dad together…













And the real reason we got together…Hayden is turning ONE!  Hard to believe…it doesn’t seem that long ago that we took his newborn photos…what a cutie he is…and Daddy was a sure-thing when it came to getting smiles:

















Happy Birthday, big guy!  Hope you guys have a smooth, safe move, and hopefully I’ll see you around Lake Norman soon!  🙂

The Kleiners

Last Friday I made some more Denver friends…Ginger & Meredith.  Sisters who have produced four of the cutest kids around.  And the dresses the girls had were made by a friend of Ginger’s…are they the cutest or what??  Here is the whole gang…









Drew & Hannah needed occaisonal reminders that they were cousins and were not allowed to be married or in love:









Here are Addison & Drew in a real-life moment doing some of their favorite things…reading and tea party (Drew is a whiz kid…reading before entering Kindergarten!  And ask him about any Nascar driver and he can tell you anything you want to know!) :










And Hannah and Claire almost blended into the decor in Addie’s room…couldn’t have planned that better…













It was so great meeting you guys!  Thanks so much for having me over…  🙂

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