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Kira’s Here!

Craig & Amy have been waiting for this day, and it finally came!  Their beautiful daughter, Kira, made her first appearance on the 16th, and I got to go and take her newborn photos today.  Here is the big girl with her eyes open:


Here is the newly-expanded family:


Kira’s uncle got this sign for her room:


And here is Kira with her Pop-Pop…I remember when Trent was first born, and my dad just couldn’t get enough of him.  Amy’s dad reminded me very much of that…I love this shot:


Kira is so lucky to be surrounded by so much love…congratulations, all!!!


The Williams Family

Well, it was about time for me and this group…this was our third attempt at a photo shoot, and we had very perfect weather, and very happy kids.  We moved pretty quickly (record time, almost) and got some really great shots.  Here is the whole gang:


These kids were so easy to work with…the smallest threat of a tickle had them giggling:



Here is mom with Connor:


And dad with Eileen and Vivian:


Thanks so much, you guys!  It was almost TOO easy!  🙂


The Blackman Family

I don’t know if I attract red-heads, or if there are just more of them these days.  But I met another on Monday morning, and her name is Rimma.  She is a very busy two year old, and she had me chasing her all over the place.  But it was fun!  Here she is with mom, dad, and her canine brothers:



A little airplane fun in the backyard:



A quick outfit change and we headed to the park up the street, and she was really on the move then.  But nothing a game of peek-a-boo couldn’t derail for a moment:



And I think this might be my favorite from the day.  I love a photo that you can look at and hear the laughter:



Thank you guys so much for having me out!  It was great to finally meet you!  And thanks to Thad for the hook-up!  🙂


Kate & Ozzie Make it Official

Saturday was the big day for Kate & Ozzie!  The whole event happened at Celebrations at the Bay, and Eileen and her staff had things running smooth as silk, as usual. There was a little limo drama and stress just before the ceremony, but it all worked out.  The weather was perfect, as was the setting:









Here is the happy couple after the ceremony:


















Coming into the reception:









Having fun during the first dance:


















This was our second night in a row working with Absloute Entertainment, and Ken had the dance floor pumped all night:



Ozzie had a great group of friends…they were ver entertaining on the dance floor, and just fun to be around.  Here is a toast with a lethal, full size shooter whose name escapes me (but it has all kinds of good stuff in it!):













Congrats, you guys!  It was a beautful day…I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!  Thanks for having us!



Kim & Jason Tie the Knot!!

Friday night was finally the big day for Kim & Jason.  I got to hang out with the girls in the afternoon while they got ready…there was an army of make-up artists, and all the girls looked amazing…especially Kim.  Love this eye shot with her boquet:









Here is Jason as he first sets eyes on his bride…I think that smile says it all:










Here they are during their first dance at the Belvedere:


















Kim dancing with her daddy, who did a great job keeping it together:










And Jason chose “In My Life” by the Beatles to dance with his mom to.  I can’t watch the mother-son dance without getting choked up… Can you see where he gets his infectious smile?










It was so different being a guest at a wedding instead of a vendor…Rusty & I got out and did a little dancing.  Absolute Entertainment kept the dance floor packed all night…as usual.  Great job, Joe…










Kim and Jason…here’s to a lifetime of happiness.  Enjoy your honeymoon!!  Love you both…


Introducing Noah…

The Draper family has grown!  Noah made his grand entrance ten days ago, and I was privileged to take his first photos yesterday.  He was a very hungry little man, so after a lunch cut short, we distracted him long enough to get some beautiful photos. 

Nicole and I had better than a half hour to talk while Noah was eating, and it was so sweet to listen to her gush about her baby boy.  And I love the exchange they are sharing in this photo:


















This guy weighed in at over 9 pounds, so he already has some serious rolls and cheeks working…










And look at this proud mommy & daddy beaming at what they’ve created:


















Congratulations, you guys!  He is perfect…


The Sutton Family

I have been doing photos for this group for almost 3 years, and I know that because when we first me, Rachel wasn’t quite one, and she is getting ready to turn 4!  Wow…where does the time go?  Rachel is such a cutie…always shy at first, but once I get her giggling…


















Sophia has one of the worst cases of Mommy-itis EVER!  This is a sweet shot of her, but what you can’t really see is that she is actually sitting on Stephanie…


















And here is the whole group together (I love this one):










Happy Birthday, Rachel!  🙂



The Sholl Family

This morning started off with a healthy dose of “Guess How Old I Am”.  I am old enough to be taking pictures of the kids of kids I used to babysit when I was a teenager.  That is a big pill to swallow so early, but I’m over it now.  Brian’s parents live across the street from my grandmother, and we have known their family pretty much forever.  But he and his gorgeous red-head of a wife (we know how I feel about red heads, right??) and their two gorgeous babies live down south now, so mom & dad thought a photo shoot was in order during their visit home.  Here is the whole fam:











I know this next shot of Julia doesn’t show off how pretty she is from the front, and I know I don’t need to gush about the red hair, but seriously…I can’t stop looking at this one for some reason.  She looks like such a doll…

















And Mr. Patrick wasn’t short on smiles today…especially after he got his pants changed! 









It was so great meeting you guys…you have such a beautiful family!  And thanks to Marge and Don for thinking of me!


The Allen Family

Wednesday was another one of those days where thunderstorms rolled in after dinner, and I wasn’t sure how my shoot with the Allen’s was going to pan out.  I mean, they had travelled all the way from Atlanta for this (not really, but in my mind…) and I went to high school with Chuck and Michelle, so no pressure, right?  But we managed to dodge the rain here and there, and by the end of the night, we were treated to some of the juiciest light I’ve seen in a while.

Chuck scoped out a couple great locations over in West Egypt, I mean, Church Hill on the shore.  He did a super job…I love these blue chairs (a great looking family sitting amongst them helps, I guess…)










Trying to get this gang geared up for fun, we had to try the jump shot…Michelle’s cheerleader days sure paid off in this one…









And nothing get the kidd-o’s giggling like turning someone upside-down…thanks, Katie, for being such a good sport!


















And here is some of that juicy light I was talking about:










Oh my…is that awesome, or what?!!?

I am SO glad it worked out, guys…I had a blast!  It was great to see you guys again!


Meet Miss Sydney

Miss Sydney is a couple weeks old, and the hospital actaully got a photo of her smiling, but Mom wanted to give me a crack at her first real photo session.  She was not short on smiles for me, either.  I don’t know that I have ever seen such a young baby with so many grins…











I love this shot of her toes (she was out cold)…










She has the pinkest, girliest nursery in town.  So sweet…


















I just kept snapping and snapping…and she was like “Is she ever going to stop??”


















What a treat!  Thanks so much for having me out!  And thanks to Lauren Hewitt for showing of her photos to Sydneys grammy who told Mommy about me!  🙂

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