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WooHOO, Jeremy!

The drawing for the 50/50 raffle to benefit my pal Jeremy Morse was held this past Saturday.  One of my clients, Shelley Mazzuca, had her ticket drawn as the winner, and she graciously donated all of the money back to the Morses…which was over $6000!  A big thank you to all who purchased tickets!  What a blessing!

And as if that weren’t great news in itself…Jeremy was extubated yesterday!  He is breathing on his own now only with the help of a BiPAP machine (Positive Airway Pressure) and doing well.  The doctors are planning to list him for transplant this week!!!  Keep those prayers coming!  Here is Amy’s entry from yesterday:

“We are filled with so much joy tonight. Even the doctor has commented on the fact that he has never seen us both smile at the same time. We give much thanks to God for Jeremy’s life and the amazing journey we have been on so far. Jeremy is still doing a great job working to breathe without the help of the ventilator. He is on the Bipap machine and seems to be doing well. The blood gases and the chest x-ray are okay so we will keep this course of treatment for now. Please pray for continued success and much rest tonight.

Thanks to all of the outstanding doctors, nurses, nurse practioners, and respiratory therapists who have taken such good care of Jeremy and continue to do so. We couldn’t be more thankful.

Thanks to our family, friends, and prayer warriors! Jeremy is definately feeling your prayers, love, and support.”

And here is a photo of him with his new, althoughit be a bit cumbersome, BiPAP mask:








 Look at those big brown peepers looking back thru that crazy thing…what a site for sore eyes!  🙂



Six Flags Sunday

Yesterday was a perfect example of why I don’t work on Sundays.  Being a dual-small-business-owning family, it is hard for either of us to set hours during the week.  We both get calls and emails to answer pretty much around the clock, but Sunday is the one day we set aside for the fam.  We got up yesterday morning, and Daddy said, “Lets go to Six Flags”.  So off we went.  It has probably been two or three years since out last horriffic experience at Six Flags, but yesterday made up for that.  We had such a great time laughing and getting soaked on all the water rides.  We aren’t much of a roller-coaster group (sorry, Daddy) but maybe next time.  Anyway, we had a super time, and made for a perfect Sunday together.

Here I am with the boys after they finished eating thier Dippin’ Dots (Ice Cream of the Future…for the past 30 years or so…):










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