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Kira’s Here!

Craig & Amy have been waiting for this day, and it finally came!  Their beautiful daughter, Kira, made her first appearance on the 16th, and I got to go and take her newborn photos today.  Here is the big girl with her eyes open:


Here is the newly-expanded family:


Kira’s uncle got this sign for her room:


And here is Kira with her Pop-Pop…I remember when Trent was first born, and my dad just couldn’t get enough of him.  Amy’s dad reminded me very much of that…I love this shot:


Kira is so lucky to be surrounded by so much love…congratulations, all!!!


The Williams Family

Well, it was about time for me and this group…this was our third attempt at a photo shoot, and we had very perfect weather, and very happy kids.  We moved pretty quickly (record time, almost) and got some really great shots.  Here is the whole gang:


These kids were so easy to work with…the smallest threat of a tickle had them giggling:



Here is mom with Connor:


And dad with Eileen and Vivian:


Thanks so much, you guys!  It was almost TOO easy!  🙂


The Blackman Family

I don’t know if I attract red-heads, or if there are just more of them these days.  But I met another on Monday morning, and her name is Rimma.  She is a very busy two year old, and she had me chasing her all over the place.  But it was fun!  Here she is with mom, dad, and her canine brothers:



A little airplane fun in the backyard:



A quick outfit change and we headed to the park up the street, and she was really on the move then.  But nothing a game of peek-a-boo couldn’t derail for a moment:



And I think this might be my favorite from the day.  I love a photo that you can look at and hear the laughter:



Thank you guys so much for having me out!  It was great to finally meet you!  And thanks to Thad for the hook-up!  🙂


Kate & Ozzie Make it Official

Saturday was the big day for Kate & Ozzie!  The whole event happened at Celebrations at the Bay, and Eileen and her staff had things running smooth as silk, as usual. There was a little limo drama and stress just before the ceremony, but it all worked out.  The weather was perfect, as was the setting:









Here is the happy couple after the ceremony:


















Coming into the reception:









Having fun during the first dance:


















This was our second night in a row working with Absloute Entertainment, and Ken had the dance floor pumped all night:



Ozzie had a great group of friends…they were ver entertaining on the dance floor, and just fun to be around.  Here is a toast with a lethal, full size shooter whose name escapes me (but it has all kinds of good stuff in it!):













Congrats, you guys!  It was a beautful day…I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!  Thanks for having us!



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