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Welcome, Elliott!

The Austraw’s became a family of four earlier this month, so I headed over Saturday to get some photos of the new little one.  Elliott wasn’t terribly happy in the beginning…









But once his belly was full, he was perfectly content.   This is what he looked like when I left:









How sweet…

And here is big brother, Ethan, who was hamming it up for me while Elliott was eating:










And here is the whole fam as we were wrapping up (I don’t know if you can see the box of mac & cheese that Ethan brought up from the kitchen…he was finished all this picture taking and was ready for some lunch!):









Thanks for having me out!  He is sweet as can be!   Congratulations!


The Leigh’s

When I arrived Saturday morning, the house smelled like breakfast, and everyone was happy with bellies full of yum.  Beau was antsy to walk pup, Denver, so we headed right outside and got to work.  Beau started grinning at me, and when I tried to capture it, this is what happened…


















Huck?  Shy?  I’m not so sure…  🙂  Here he is laughing at Daddy making faces behind my back:


















And Beau looking so grown up:


















Here they are together in their little fort in Mommy’s garden…too cool…


















And I just love this shot of the whole family together:










Well done, guys!  Hope you had a blast at Mimi’s!


The Cumberland Family

I showed up a half an hour early on this group without warning.  Lisa answered the door with a smile wearing a towel…I felt horrible!  But it gave me a chance to play a couple games of hangman with Lauren & Brooks, so it worked out just fine.  We found a great patch of shade in the yard and got to work:












It has been better than 6 months since I saw these guys, and Brett has grown every which way…up, down, sideways, out ways…he is HUGE!  Talk about pinchable cheeks and thighs…this kid takes the cake!  He is tipping the scales at 27 pounds at 7 months old (and just as a point of reference, my kids weighed 19 and 21 pounds respectively at their one year check ups, so I am used to string beans).  I could have eaten Brett with a spoon!

















Here is everyone basking in his cuteness:










And I love this shot of the three kids together:











No shortage of smiles with this gang!  You guys were great!  One more apology for showing up so darn early! 


Welcome, Logan!

Babies, babies, everywhere!  My job is so great…I get to hold new babies all the time, and smell them and cuddle them and take cool pictures, and when they get cranky, hungry, or stinky, I wave goodbye!  🙂  Logan had a little of all of the above before I waved goodbye last week, and we got some great photos in between.  Here is the big boy solo:

















Very aware of all that is going on around him.  And big brother Riley is so good with him…










Here is a shot of the whole, newly expanded family of four:









And I just love this sweet shot of him cuddled up on this dog blanket:










What a boy…you guys did great!  Congratulations! 


Hello, Ethan!

This was my first visit the the Baum’s beautiful home in Oella.  SO many great photo-ops…hopefully there will be many more sessions to come with them!  This is my favorite shot from the day (and is now filed away in my all-time favorite bin).  Not sure exactly what it is, but I can’t stop staring at it:









(For you photogs, Doug Boutwell’s TRA-The Revenge‘s ‘Troy’ lends the cool tones…)

Here he is giggling while Mommy shows me his tootsies:









Love this one…he really IS the cutest, just like his shirt says…

















He thinks Mommy is VERY funny…









It was so great meeting you guys!  Can’t wait to see him grow!


Greg & JJ Tie the Knot!

These two are so much fun…and the day of their wedding finally arrived!  JJ looked amazing, and was all smiles all day.  Here she is in the limo headed to the church (note the reflections of her mom, mother in law, and step-daughter in the window):









Greg was super-handsome in his tux:














The ceremony at Baldwin Memorial United Methodist Church was so nice.  Here they are outside the church:















Greg and his guys goofing off after the ceremony:









The reception at Celebrations on the Bay was great…the tent looked great thanks to the amazing flowers done by a friend of JJ’s mom and the aqua water glasses…nice details…









Greg’s daughter, Kayla, gave a toast that had everyone in the whole place crying.  She is wise beyond her 11 years…what a sweet girl.  This is JJ’s reaction to Kayla saying how much she loved her and how she couldn’t be more excited about finally having her in their family…










Here is the new look of the Smith family:









And Mr. Jared sure knows how do drop the moves on the dance floor…look at the guy on the left in awe of the coolness…









And here is my ring shot…










Thank you guys so much for choosing me to capture your big day!  The wedding was so much fun…you have an awesome family, and a great group of friends.  Here’s to a lifetime of smiles…


Elli is One!

I can’t get over how big this girl is!  She is another one with squeezable cheeks and thighs…just can’t get enough!  It was a pretty hot day, and we were working hard, so we stopped for an ice water break, and Elli went straight for the ice…

















Love that sunlight coming in on her…

What a great capture of the fun in this family:








And Elli is expecting a baby brother this fall, so she was showing me Mommy’s belly.  Love the expression!














Always a pleasure to see you guys!  Can’t wait to meet the boy! 


Welcome Ciara & Maura!

Twins, twins are everywhere!  And these two little beauties were great to photograph.  After bellies were full, everyone was happy, and we got some sweet stuff with big brother Tadhg. 

















Sound asleep, but dreaming sweetly…









And I just love this tangle of little toes:

















Thank you guys so much for having me out!  It was great meeting you!


The Aaby Family

It was my first time working with these guys, and twins, Joseph & Nicholas, weren’t too sure about me when I first arrived, but it only took a few funny faces and a little toe tickling before they warmed right up.  They were so easy to get smiling, and we got great shots in no time!  Here is the fam goofing around:









Mom and Dad looking on…

















And after a quick outfit change, we got this great shot (makes me laugh just looking at it…love the expressions and the foot):















Thank you guys so much for having me out!  Great meeting everyone!






Zack & Luke Turn 1!

Can’t believe a year has gone by already!  These two are so cute and smiley…I could pinch those thighs all day!  It was hard work getting two smiles looking in the same direction, but after three adults putting on a crazy show doing everything short of standing on our heads, the great picture was captured (thank goodness!):









Shew…worked up a swet for that one!

Here are the boys with big sister Haley:

















And I love, love, love this shot of Haley alone:


















It was great seeing you guys again!  And thanks for opening your home & pool to us after we were finished with business.  I enjoyed the adult company, and the boys wore themselves OUT in your pool!  What a great job I have!  😉


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