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Maria & Malik

These two are getting ready to celebrate thier first anniversary in a couple weeks, and to mark the occasion we met in Annapolis for a romantic photo shoot.  These two are terribly good looking, very in love, and very at ease in front of the camera. What a great combination! 

How sexy do these two look in front of this pink house on Pinkerton Street?

















Stolen moment….










It was so hot in the sun, so we tried to avoid it as much as possible.  But this backdrop was a must…


















Gorgeous, gorgoeus, gorgeous…


















Thank you guys so much…it was great to finally meet you! 




Weird Al at Pier 6

Friday night was the highly anticipated Weird Al concert (well, highly anticipated in our house) at Pier 6 Pavilion in Baltimore.  We took the kids to see him last summer at the Warner Theatre in DC (refresh your memory of that night here), so it was nice that he was a little closer this year.  The show was pretty much the same, but I have a better camera  now, so I have better pics.  Here are the boys and I waiting patiently for the show to start:










Here is a shot from the song “Bob”, whose lyrics are all palindromes (words that are the same backwards and forwards).  Rats live on no evil star, for instance:










This was at the end of “You’re Pitiful”…this outfit made Graham laugh out loud:
















This is one of my favorite songs “He’s Gump”.  Al is pretty limber:










“Smells Like Nirvana”











Always a favorite – “The Saga Begins”:










And a blast from the past…”I’m Fat”:















This show runs like a well-oiled machine.  So many things to sync…costume changes, video clips…it is impressive.  And it is two hours long…not many bands play that long without all the frills.  Again…very impressive. 


The Thompson’s

Talk about blonde haired, blue eyed beauties…this house was brimming with them!  Mom, Alexander and Katarina were looking great and were ready for their close-ups.  Here they are together:










Alexander didn’t need much coaxing…he hammed it up for me all morning!


















Katarina has a bad case of Mommy-itis, but there were definitley smiles to be had.  Could you eat her or what?:


















This was the hardest photo to get, but I think it was more than worth the effort.  Alexander is a wonderful big brother, and knows what to do to put Katarina at ease and get her giggling:

















Thank you so much for having me out!  And thanks to Radiah for the hook-up!  🙂



Welcome, Nate!

Chuck & Amy welcomed son #2 recently, and I got the call to come and take some newborn photos.  Things started out quiet enough, and he showed me some great expressions like this one:


















We had a little mommy time:











He was so awake and alert:











And then big brother, Zack, woke up from his nap, and taking pictures with his baby brother was definitley not on his to-do list.  But we managed to get a couple shots of them in the same vicinity (by which time Nate had about had it and was falling asleep):











We’ll give that pose another try closer to the holidays!  🙂  Great to see you…


Welcome Seth!

Nicole and Mike were married last year, and just welcomed son, Seth into their lives.  He is such a sweetie, and wasn’t afraid to show me some smiles:


















He was so full of expression…


















And Nicole loved this pose, and Seth was more than happy to oblige:











I’d also like to say thank you one more time for welcoming my Graham into your home when he didn’t want to go to camp.  He couldn’t wait to tell Daddy about all the cool horror-flick stuff in your basement and Trent how he got to play Burnout Paradise on your X-Box.  Going to work with Mom is usually more like a punishment, rather then a cool field trip!  Thanks!!


Gaius is Growing!

Well, here’s another fine example of a baby that just won’t stay that way…  Gaius is 6 months old already, and he was in a perfect picture taking mood last week.  Here he is practicing steps:


















We used this bench of Stacy’s grandmother, that was perfectly weathered and made for a great backdrop.  There is an underlying monkey theme in this family (which I love), and he looked great in this blue monkey shirt that matched his eyes:


















Since my last visit, Gaius has also been fitted for a headband to treat plagiocephaly.  He spends 23 hours a day in it, so we wanted to be sure to document this stage of his life.  I swear they sampled the blue in his eyes when they made this just for him. 

















Great to see you guys again…even though is seemed like we just did this!  😉 



The Cherneski’s

Brooks is getting ready to celebrate his first birthday…it never ceases to amaze me how quickly these kiddos grow!  Here he is with Mom and Dad:















Brady bought him tot-sized True Religion jeans for the occasion:
















A little silly time with Daddy:











Is this the face of a happy boy, or what?!










It was great to see you guys again! 



The Helwege’s

Last Saturday, I made the trek over to Chestertown to do a family photo of the Helwege’s.  Mom was celebrating a birthday, so what better way to mark the occasion?

Here is the whole family:











John & Sarah are neighbors of our good friend’s, the Lancaster’s, so that is how this whole thing came to be.  Here they are with their kids:










And I love this shot with all the grandkids together (nothing like a reward for good behavior like goofing around):












Thank you guys so much for having me was great meeting you all!


The Novak’s

I first met the Novak’s when I was hired to shoot Andi & Mike’s wedding almost two years ago.  They were wonderful to work with, and I have had the pleasure of being called back to photograph Andi when she was expecting their first child, then when Lillie was born, and this year, Miss Lillie is celebrating her first birthday!  How tine flies…  The whole family was getting ready for their annual trip to the beach, so we took the oppurtunity to get an updated family photo.  Here is the whole gang:









Here are proud parents Mike & Andi with the birthday girl (and baby #2 will arrive around Thanksgiving!):










Miss Lillie showing off her sweet smile:


















And Andi’s dad had this horse from when she and her brother & sister were little, so here is Lille playing on the same horse:



Thank you guys so much for having me back…looking forward to Thanksgiving!  🙂


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