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Matt & Mandi are Married!

After almost a week of rain and gloom, the sun peaked out yesterday and made way for a beautiful day for a wedding.  Mandi and all of the girls were dressed and ready for their close-ups when I arrived (and I can’t say that that has ever happened before), so we got right to work. Here are Mandi and her girls:









The ceremony was lovely, and we headed to Kurtz Beach for the reception.  Here are Matt and his guys hamming it up for me…








I grabbed this shot of Mandi & Matt in the limo…this is now in my list of all time faves…I just love it:










Nothing like a little sunset-lovin (and this was totally worth getting stuck in a rose bush for):


















And here is a little first-dance lovin:










Congrats, you guys!  Everything was great!  Hope Jamaica is still there when you arrive!  😉


Welcome, Jonathan!

It was almost a year ago that Pete and Marissa tied the knot, and a couple weeks ago, they welcomed their son, Jonathan, to the world.  Here is one of the first photos I got today…love a guy that smiles right off the bat…










Look at this head of hair:


















The happy family:









Daddy & Jonathan:


















Mommy & Jonathan:















Is he the sweetest little peanut or what??  Thanks so much for having me out!  Congratulations!


Tessa Turns ONE!

We have rescheduled this appointment a couple times over the past month, so last night was the night to get Miss Tessa in her birthday outfit before she outgrew it.  Is she the cutest or what??!















I think we should all be able to wear something like this on our birthdays. 

This girl has a serious Elmo addiction…you should see her when you just say his name.  So here she is with her boyfriend and Big Bird:









Tess loves my fuzzy rug…


















Another outfit change…a sweater from her gramndmother:
















And can you believe these blue peepers??










It was great seeing you guys!  SO glad the rain held off for us.  The new house is gorgeous!  Congrats!





Postcard from the Beach

I totally forgot to post some photos from our trip to the beach, so here are a few.  I haven’t gotten the photos off my point & shoot yet, so I’ll post some of those later. 









I think I started screaming at them about 10 seconds after this was taken…very professional…

“Just look at ME!”

“Stop playing around!”

“I don’t know HOW I do this for a living…”

If only my kids cooperated as well as all of my clients…this is why I have other people take our photos. 

The ocean water was really cold (and I mean COLD), and it seemed even colder once the sun was going down.  Now THAT will make you giggle…

















Trent and I (hardly had to bend down to get this one…he is so tall)…









And me & the G-Bomb:









We had such a nice time together…I think my blood pressure goes down a little just looking at these…


Brady’s 9 Month

When I arrived this morning, Brady had just finished lunch, and he was ready to go!  He is moving all over the place, and is on the brink of walking.  It is so amazing how life changes so quickly in three months!  Here he is with one of his favorite turtles (it seems my lap was the best seat in the house):













A little reading with mama:

















And how excited can a guy get about a toy?  Pretty darn, I’d say…










Is he the cutest or what?!


















Thanks so much for having me out!  The new house is great…can’t wait til Halloween!  🙂


Greger’s in the Rain (Almost)

It was sprinkling when I arrived, so we got to work immediatley not knowing how long we had til the sky was going to open.  And boy did we get a lot done in a short amount of time.  The Greger’s have a beautiful back yard, so we worked quickly and got some great shots.  Here is the fam:









And Lisa’s mom & dad stopped by to jump in a few, and here they are:










This shot is hard to get on sunny days, so the overcast sky came in handy for this one:










Mom & Abbie got a little silly and jumped in the pool in their clothes (LOVE IT!):













And then Ellie thought she & Daddy should have a picture with….with…I CAN’T REMEMBER HIS NAME!  Their very sweet pup with a name that escapes me (sorry!):















You guys were awesome!  Thanks so much for being so cooperative, and such good listeners!  I don’t think I’ve taken that many photos in 30 minutes in a while!  🙂



Alan & Amanda are Expecting

And soon, too!  There are only 8 days left til Amanda’s due date arrives, so I was glad to get there in time to get some shots of her perfect belly. 

Here they are together:









Look at this hot mama:

















And here they are with Charlie, one of the sweetest pups around:

















And I had this idea to do a ring shot accentuating the big day…I like how it turned out:









You guys were awesome…I can’t wait to meet the boy!  Thanks so much, BethAnn, for sending them my way! 



Meet Mia

Jen & Gary welcomed daughter, Mia, to the world over a month ago, so it was in order to take some great photos of her.  Here she is with Mommy:









I love this shot with everyone’s hands…nice touch, I think, with the ‘adorable’ onesie:









Here is the whole family together…look how happy:










And here is the original ‘baby’ of the family, Buster:

















It was great meeting you guys!  Thanks to Jen for the hook up!




The Reyes Kiddos

Yesterday I met the Reyes family for the first time.  These three are very bright, very busy, and cute as can be.  The photos are to celebrate the adoption of their daughter, Sonia, who is quite a girl.  Here she is with her two big brothers, Daniel and John:










John wasn’t too interested in taking photos, so while he was busy showing off his flash-like running skills, I got this great shot of Daniel and Sonia together:









Sonia was getting very close to nap time and got tired of my games pretty quickly.  But mom started a little airplane game, and really got her giggling:

















It was so great to meet you guys!  What a beautiful family!  And thanks to Shelley Mazzuca for the hook-up!



Big Learning in 6th Grade

Here is what Trent learned in school today…from the principal:

How do you get a giraffe into a refrigerator?

Open the door, put him in, close the door.

How do you get an elephant in the refrigerator?

Open the door, take out the giraffe, put the elephant in, close the door.

All of the Lion King’s animals are at a group meeting.  Who is missing?

The elephant.  He’s still in the fridge.

You want to cross an alligator-infested river…how do you get across?

Just walk…the gators are at the meeting.

Private school dollars hard at work.  🙂 

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