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The Morse Family

Well, it has been a long time since I have posted about these guys.  More than two months has passed since we lost baby Jeremy, and the Morses are taking life day by day, enjoying every moment God has given them, and trying to adjust to the Jeremy-sized hole in their home and hearts.  Amy and I got to have dinner together last week, which is something we don’t get to do often, and it was so great to just sit, sip margaritas and pour out whatever needed to get out.  Since the moment I met Amy, I knew she was special, and I am so thankful to call her friend.  It is so difficult to watch your friend go thru such a horrific time, not knowing what to say or do, knowing that you can’t do anything to fix it or change it.  But I cherish Amy’s friendship, as well as Scott’s, and each of her beautiful children, no matter how lost for words I am.  I know God has put us together for a reason.  Amy has started her own blog called Finding Sunshine, and if you have the time (and I know if you’re reading this YOU DO!) check it out.  She is an absolute inspiration.  The last post she wrote talked about the dreaded question, “How many children do you have?” and how to answer it.  Up to that point, there wasn’t anything about her situation I could relate to.  But when she wrote that, I thought, “Hey!  I understand that!”  As some of you may know, I have a son who I placed for adoption 15 years ago.  I have a Zach-shaped hole in my heart that I live with everyday.  I know it isn’t the same, and I chose my situation, and Amy most certainly has not chosen hers, and I have peace of mind knowing that Zach is alive and doing well, and Amy was not afforded such a luxury.  But just focusing on that question…I feel like I have one thing that I actually get.  I know its not a big thing, and it is very different, but it is something.  And sometimes it is all we need. 

So when I went to visit them last week, we wanted to do something to honor Jeremy.  Amy bought some balloons, and had the kids write messages to Jeremy, and we let the balloons float up to heaven so Jeremy would know how much they miss him.  Each of the kids took pride and care with what they wrote and drew, even 2 year old Nolan.  It just breaks my heart that they have to try and understand why their brother isn’t here anymore, but these kids are so amazing, and they celebrate Jeremy in so much of life.  Its just precious.  Here is Trevor making his message:









And Meredith (she was looking at his birth announcement so she wouldn’t misspell his name):

















  And Nolan:


















Once all the messages were made, we tied them to balloons and headed outside to let them go.  The sky was unbelievably blue!  And I love the look on Nolan’s face in this photo:


















Up, up and away!


















This was such a sweet thing to witness, I am so grateful to have been there.  They had done this before as a family at the cemetery, and Amy shared about that on her blog.  It was very touching.  There is a photo of Meredith on her knees praying over Jeremy’s grave…I can’t stop looking at that photo.  Just precious.

And as I was leaving we grabbed this shot of everyone’s feet…the kids donning their Jeremy bracelets, and Amy with her sunshine painted on her toe…all in honor of Jeremy. 













Thank you, Amy, for letting me be part of your life…for better, for worse.  I’m here for it all.  I love you.


The Shaeffer’s

It was an early start on Saturday with the Shaeffer’s, but the boys were in great moods and have grown a TON since I last saw them!  They have settled into their new, beautiful home on Gibson Island, where there are so many great spots to take photos, it should keep me busy for quite a while!  Here is the whole fam under the crape myrtle:

















The boys are only 7 1/2 months old, but their favorite position is standing! 

Here is Daddy & George (I hope I got that right):









And Mommy & Charlie:









Daddy worked up a sweat and put on quite a show that got the boys giggling:









And this is one of the last photos we took, and I just love it…









You guys are so great…it was wonderful to see you again! 


The Sands Family

Last week I got to visit with the Sands family down in Edgewater.  We visited the beach close to their house and enjoyed the cool weather (well, cool in the shade).  Jacqui is cooking baby #3, so their family will have a new look by the holidays, but here is the foursome of today:










Brian and Kylie were having fun playing in the sand, but we managed to get them looking in the same direction for a brief moment:










Here is Kylie looking so grown up:

















And Brian is one busy liitle bee, so all of his photos were action shots.  Here he is playing a most amusing game of peek-a-boo around a tree with Daddy:

















And I love this shot of Daddy and the kids:









It was great to see you guys again! Can’t wait to meet the new baby in December!


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