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Our Labor Day

We took another last-minute trip to Six Flags yesterday, but this time we took my brother and his wife along.  It turned out that half the park was closed (only 3 things in the water park were open, and many of our favorite rides had to be closed due to lack of staff…poor planning on managements part, I suppose) but we had a good time, regardless.  Here are Brad & Rusty on the Batwing…once you sit in the seat, it flips you backward so you are laying on your back, and once the ride starts, it flips you upsidedown so its like you’re flying (I wasn’t going near this thing):

















Trent & Graham (who I caught getting whiplash here) doing bumper cars with Uncle Brad:








Daddy & Graham self-portrait:











Trent & I self-portrait:










Happy Labor Day!  Look out…Christmas will be here before we know it!  🙂


The Baker Boys…One More Time

Last time I saw these guys, they were pretty tired and not feeling 100%.  We got some cute stuff, but we wanted to try again for some great head shots in their baptismal outfits.  So this morning, I found them with full bellies cooing away in their cribs, and laughing at everything I said (I know…and they are only 3 months old!)  Here are their individuals:








































































And since they were doing so well, we figured why not try one together, and look what happened:










MONEY!  On the first shot!  Go figure!  It was like Domino’s this morning…great pictures in 30 minutes or less!  🙂  What a great way to start my week…thanks guys!


Ocean City, Part 2

Okay…here are the last few pics from our week in OC.  As I think I mentioned before, the weather was just beautiful.  I mean, check out this sky:










A little sand play:


















Here is Graham stunned when he hit the jackpot on his first quarter (note Trent in the background sinking all of his money into the claw machine.  He spent all of his money that night trying to win a DS for his brother…very sweet):
















The haul after it was all said and done…$50 got us plastic swords, some candy, jumping frogs, and of course…a whoopie cushion.  Classic…

















And here they are playing Cosmic Catch with their new friends who were staying in our building, Sammi & Lexi:









Fun for all!


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