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18 Shoots A-Z Starting with…Carmichael

Kaitlyn was recently baptized so we wanted to get a shot of her in her gown…look at this sweet girl and all her hair:


















With her big sister Jessica:










The Kaitlyn got tired an conked out, but I’m kinda glad she did.  Cuz I got this:












Wasn’t too sure how this was going to go, since Charlie had a rough week being sick, but there were plenty of smiles to go around:










Mommy & the girls:


















The boys:

















Great meeting you guys! 



Met these guys on a beautiful day, and got a bunch of great stuff!  Here are mommy & daddy basking in Isabella’s cuteness:









The girls:










Daddy & his assistant chef:










Who loves the beach?

















It was great to meet you guys!  What a blast!



This was another one of those done in a minute shoots…everyone was feeling good and happy when I arrived and the smiles were flowing:










Look at these guys looking so handsome together:










Nothing like a swing to get some giggles:


















Or a bouncy chipmunk:

















Great to see you guys!



It has been a really long time since I’ve done photos for these guys…everyone is all grown up!










Ross’ brother and his fam came along, too…


















Then we got the kids together for the grandparents gift:









You guys were awesome!  Don’t wait so long next time! 🙂


This group was full of energy, and Claire had other things she would rather have been doing, but she pulled it out in the end. 

























And nothing beats the “if you smile for me one more time, you can make a funny face” bribe:










Thanks so much guys!  It was fun!


Gearing up for a new addition to this family, Susie wanted to do some belly photos as a gift for her hubby.  She and Porter were all smiles, and Daddy was VERY happy…










Whats in there, anyway??

















Who’s a ham?









Can’t wait to meet the baby!!


This big group was a bunch of fun…










The hottie granddaughters:


















And this little guy had a mini-session of his own at the end, and he really hammed it up for me:


















Great meeting you all!  Thanks so much!


To celebrate Delanie’s first birthday, a photo session was in order!  Here is the whole fam:















Sandwich of love:










Is this girl the cutest or what?!










Thanks so much for having me!



This is one fun group…never short for smiles!









Love this one of the kiddos:









Mommy & Sean:


















Daddy & Gracie getting goofy:

















Always a pleasure…

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