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Amy + Kevin = Ian

It was almost two years ago that I shot one of my favorite weddings, for Amy & Kevin.  And now they have just welcomed thier first son, Ian, into the world.  And what a sweetie he is…here is the new look of the Nollette family:

















He was so happy to be naked:










Or asleep:










Playing with mirrors can be fun, too…


















Thank you guys so much for thinking of me…great to see you guys again!! 


Meet Nicholas

This was my first time working with this family (I’m making lots of new friends recently) and Nicholas was much more interested in napping than anything.  I mean, at four weeks old, thats pretty much all there is besides eating.  But he pulled it out and we managed to get some sweet shots of him…


















See?  He was excited to see me at first!  Then once he figured out I wasn’t that much fun, he figured he’d rather nap.  Big sister Maria came up to give us a hand, but she was slightly less interested than Nicholas.  But I got this sweet shot of her loving on him:










And then he finally got his wish…


















It was great meeting you guys!  Thanks so much for having me out!


Christy’s Belly

****FLESH WARNING**** One of these shots is a little fleshy…turn little eyes away!

This was my first time meeting Christy & Eric, but they had no problem warming up to my camera.  Christy is sporting a perfectly round belly…check it out:










Love this one of the two of them together:


















Christy wanted to do some nudey shots.  When she asked if I was comfortable with that, I said, as long as I don’t have to take MY clothes off…  🙂  She made Eric get in on it, though.  But it was totally worth it…we got some very nice stuff, like this one…









And as much as I like that last one, I think I like this one even more:

















What a good pup…

Can’t wait to meet the little one!  Thanks, guys…


Tracy & John’s Wedding

After taking their engagement photos a year ago, the day finally arrived for Tracy & John to tie the knot.  I went over to the River Plantation Friday night to shoot the rehearsal dinner.  The grounds are just lovely, and it was a perfect day.  I grabbed this shot of them that night:


















Then the next day, with equally beautiful weather, we headed back as guests for the wedding.  It was so sweet of them to invite Rusty & I, and I was so glad to be a witness to the whole thing.  I grabbed this shot of them coming back down the aisle:









Are these two gorgeous or what??  They had a perfectly choreographed dance for thier first dance…it was very impressive!  Like Dancing with the Stars live!


















And I love this look on John’s face…looks like ‘I’m too sexy for this dance’…

















My warmest congratulations to you both!  Thanks so much for sharing your day with us! 


The Wall Family

It is just ridiculousa that this blog is so NOT up-to-date.  I apologize!  This time of year is so busy for me, and it seems that this is the first thing to get neglected.

It was 10 days ago that I shot the Wall family.  It was a beautiful day, and we got some fun stuff.  Here is the whole group:












We had some fun on the playground at the end:





























































Lots of giggles…

Thanks so much for having me out!  And sorry this took So long…



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