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Welcome, Hank!  Look at this handome guy…










Big sister Elli has a ton of love to give…










The new look of this fam:


















COngrats, guys!  Maybe #3 will be here next year?!  HA!


Welcome, Brayden!  The newest addition to the Rhodes family…










A little snuggle with Daddy:


















A little love from Mommy:


















The new foursome:









Congrats, you guys!  🙂




Yet another new client (that totals 11 in the past two weeks!)…what a good looking fam:










Big brother Nick showing off his GQ pose:










And little bro Landon who just had his second birthday:













It was great to meet you guys!



Welcome, Reece!  Look at the sweet girl!














Here she is snuggling with Daddy:










And with Mommy:










Love the tongue:


















It was great to meet you all!  Can’t wait to watch her grow!



Payton just turned one, so she was due for a new photo…what a cutie:

















I think I finished this shoot in like 20 minutes…almost TOO easy…










Tyson helped out anytime she seemed like she needed a tickle:


















Happy Birthday Big Girl!



It was an early start fro these guys, but we got some nice shots…here is the whole fam:


















The lovely Emma:

















Fellow Oz-lover, Ellie (note the shoes):


















And Miss Rachel, who was really making me work for her smiles (even though you can’t tell from this one):

















Great to meet you guys!



This is year 3 for me & this group…in the past it has just been the kids, but Dad had the day off, so we got him and mom in on the fun this year.










Brandon & Jordan…these two just keep getting better looking:










And it is a tradition that someone goes upsidedown before i go home…


















Thanks for all the fun!




Its been a year since I’ve seen these guys…and they have only gotten cuter.  Bigger AND cuter…










This is my fave of the three of them…










Nicholas just celebrated his first birthday…love this shot of him and his blanket:


















Cousin Ian jumped in on a few…he is only 8 months old and weighs more than Nick!  I think its all in his cheeks!   🙂

















Great to see you guys! 


The Titgemeyers

Fall wouldn’t be fall without a couple meetings with this crazy group.  Never lacking for a laugh, always off the chart for the cute-factor.  This was one of the first shots we took, and it is my favorite of the whole gang:


















Isn’t there something about this that makes you want to put your hair in pig tails and bows??

These girls were all over the place…but I love this shot of them together:










I am pretty sure that is was Emma riding on my back like a pony bouncing up and down that was making Margot smile in this one:

















And Emma was just a big ball of goofiness, so it wasn’t too hard to get a smile from her.  Just hard to get one without her eyes crossed or tongue hanging out…stuff like that.

















But it was fun!  Never a dull moment!  See you all again in a few weeks!



The Bartlett’s

I haven’t seen these guys since I did belly photos for them last year.  Miss Teagan is a year old, and just as cute as can be.  She was all smiles for me when she got out of the car.  We sat down to do some photos, and the story changes.  Apparrently, they stopped at Taco Bell for a bite on their drive down (not to toot my own horn too much, but they travelled from Delaware to see me) 🙂  and Teagan gobbled down a bean burrito.  Well, like any of us…a rumbly tumbly ensued.  (I thought it was pretty funny, but Teagan was less than happy.)  But she did pull it out in the end and we got some nice shots.


















Love this tongue:










Just before she really lost it:









And last but not least…my favorite:

















What an angel…

Thanks guys!  Great seeing you again!

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