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October 10th

This Friday was a day of firsts…two new Catonsville families to have fun with.  And that is just what I did.  First, it was the Nelson family.  I met Jessica when I spoke at her mom’s group in September.  She had three outfit changes (my kinda girl), the last of which was totally casual, which I loved.  Everyone hopped on the swing set, and we got my favorite shots of the day.  Here is the whole fam:












Madelyn was a little shy when I first arrived, but she was having a good time by the end:



















And I love this shot of Abigail…can’t you hear the giggling??











I had a little break in the afternoon, so I went home, did some editing, picked the boys up from school, did some homework, and headed back up to Catonsville to meet the Millers.  These boys are close in age to mine, and were so much fun.  Here is the whole gang:










And just the guys:










Then the show began.  They all changed thier clothes and showed me their sweet skills.  Skateboarding skills, soccer skills, bowhunting skills.  (Well, not bowhunting…)  Here is Gabe and his sweet board:














Zach and his soccer skills:



















And Eli had some sweet soccer skills, too (so sweet I almost got a black eye, but whatever…) :


















Thank you guys so much!  I had a great time!

I’m BACK, baby!

Happy 2009!  I am getting back in the saddle, so I hope you are all ready for some major blog catch-up.  This poor blog has been neglected for so long…this is one of those things, where you feel like you don’t even know where to start.  Well, I have figured that out, and it looks like October 9th is the place.  Yikes…

So here we go…

My day had an early start at the Wetzel home in Arnold.  The kids had off of school, and mom had scheduled an early photo shoot, followed by a dentist appointment.  Poor Brandon & Jordan…how much torture can two kids take on an otherwise relaxing day off of school?  This was our third year working together, and we even got mom & dad in on the fun this time.  Here is the whole gang:










Its so nice when siblings seem to genuinley like each other (this doesn’t happen in  my house too often):











Brandon & Jordan are very active & athletic, so we always try to throw something fun (and acrobatic) in at the end.  This year Brandon did his own stunts:


















Thanks, you guys, for being so much fun so early in the morning!

Then it was off to the Coleman’s…Tommy & Macey are always full of energy, and ready to show me everything new since I’ve seen them last.  Then once we’re all caught up, we get down to work.  Adn they start showing me smiles like these:










Another set of sibling who really like each other:












And then they wanted to take a picture with me (which I thought was just precious):











Note to self:  Wide angle lens next time.


Okay…onto shoot #3 for the day…the Gilliards!  Gwen and I have been friends since middle school, and (I may have said this before) but she & hubby, Chopper, have birthed two of the cutest kids around.  This year they threw a pup inot the mix just to keep me on my toes.  Here is the whole gang:




















Caroline is such a sweetie:


















And now that I am looking at these, I am remembering what an unseasonable warm day this was.  I think everyone was sweating in thier sweaters by the time we finished.  But Christmas photos in tank tops would have been a little odd…

Kyle gave me a run for my money, but take notes my little friends…mess with the bull?  The bull always gets the smile…


















Bring it, little man!

So I hopped in the car, peeled off MY sweater (cuz I was sweating, too), and headed up to Catonsville to meet the Morsberger girls for more smiles:











Moose took advantage of the open area and ran around like a nut, while Abigail & Katherine hung with me and giggled like nuts:












Then we got a shot of all the girlies to surprise daddy…aren’t they pretty??




















So that was my day!  Stay tuned…I’m going to try and catch up day by day.  Even if it kills me!  (Which it may…)


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