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Welcome AJ!

Just a coiuple weeks ago, I met Alan & Amanda for their belly shoot, and today I got to meet the results of the belly!  Meet AJ:










Eight days old and smiling already!  I love it…

He couldn’t decide whether he wanted to sleep or eat…so he did a little of both:

















I love this shot…can’t say why, but I love it…

















Mommy & Daddy basking in his sweetness:

















Congratualtions, you guys!  Can’t wait to watch him grow…


Welcome Sloane!

Dewey & Noelle recently welcomed their daughter, Sloane, into their family:










She is just sweet as pie…we managed to get some sweet photos in between her snacking (I think that is her favorite thing to do):










I love this hand shot:












And she was showing off holding her head up for me, and there is something about the picture that makes me smile:









Thank you guys so much for having me out…what a beautiful girl!


Welcome, Jonathan!

It was almost a year ago that Pete and Marissa tied the knot, and a couple weeks ago, they welcomed their son, Jonathan, to the world.  Here is one of the first photos I got today…love a guy that smiles right off the bat…










Look at this head of hair:


















The happy family:









Daddy & Jonathan:


















Mommy & Jonathan:















Is he the sweetest little peanut or what??  Thanks so much for having me out!  Congratulations!


Brady’s 9 Month

When I arrived this morning, Brady had just finished lunch, and he was ready to go!  He is moving all over the place, and is on the brink of walking.  It is so amazing how life changes so quickly in three months!  Here he is with one of his favorite turtles (it seems my lap was the best seat in the house):













A little reading with mama:

















And how excited can a guy get about a toy?  Pretty darn, I’d say…










Is he the cutest or what?!


















Thanks so much for having me out!  The new house is great…can’t wait til Halloween!  🙂


Meet Mia

Jen & Gary welcomed daughter, Mia, to the world over a month ago, so it was in order to take some great photos of her.  Here she is with Mommy:









I love this shot with everyone’s hands…nice touch, I think, with the ‘adorable’ onesie:









Here is the whole family together…look how happy:










And here is the original ‘baby’ of the family, Buster:

















It was great meeting you guys!  Thanks to Jen for the hook up!




The Shaeffer’s

It was an early start on Saturday with the Shaeffer’s, but the boys were in great moods and have grown a TON since I last saw them!  They have settled into their new, beautiful home on Gibson Island, where there are so many great spots to take photos, it should keep me busy for quite a while!  Here is the whole fam under the crape myrtle:

















The boys are only 7 1/2 months old, but their favorite position is standing! 

Here is Daddy & George (I hope I got that right):









And Mommy & Charlie:









Daddy worked up a sweat and put on quite a show that got the boys giggling:









And this is one of the last photos we took, and I just love it…









You guys are so great…it was wonderful to see you again! 


The Fabulous Baker Boys

Almost three months have passed since I saw these guys, and it is time for them to be baptized.  So I went over to capture them in their special outfits.  Are they handsome or what?!









Mommy also wanted to have a photo with each of her boys.  Here she is with a very sleepy Aidan:









And with Nicholas:









And here they are in different outfits.  Isn’t it just too sweet the way Aidan is snuggled in on Nicholas?  And he doesn’t seem to mind a bit:









And a quick shout-out to Matthew and Emily who sat by quietly when we needed them to, and who jumped to attention to help coax smiles when we needed them to.  You guys are so great! 


Welcome, Elliott!

The Austraw’s became a family of four earlier this month, so I headed over Saturday to get some photos of the new little one.  Elliott wasn’t terribly happy in the beginning…









But once his belly was full, he was perfectly content.   This is what he looked like when I left:









How sweet…

And here is big brother, Ethan, who was hamming it up for me while Elliott was eating:










And here is the whole fam as we were wrapping up (I don’t know if you can see the box of mac & cheese that Ethan brought up from the kitchen…he was finished all this picture taking and was ready for some lunch!):









Thanks for having me out!  He is sweet as can be!   Congratulations!


Welcome, Logan!

Babies, babies, everywhere!  My job is so great…I get to hold new babies all the time, and smell them and cuddle them and take cool pictures, and when they get cranky, hungry, or stinky, I wave goodbye!  🙂  Logan had a little of all of the above before I waved goodbye last week, and we got some great photos in between.  Here is the big boy solo:

















Very aware of all that is going on around him.  And big brother Riley is so good with him…










Here is a shot of the whole, newly expanded family of four:









And I just love this sweet shot of him cuddled up on this dog blanket:










What a boy…you guys did great!  Congratulations! 


Hello, Ethan!

This was my first visit the the Baum’s beautiful home in Oella.  SO many great photo-ops…hopefully there will be many more sessions to come with them!  This is my favorite shot from the day (and is now filed away in my all-time favorite bin).  Not sure exactly what it is, but I can’t stop staring at it:









(For you photogs, Doug Boutwell’s TRA-The Revenge‘s ‘Troy’ lends the cool tones…)

Here he is giggling while Mommy shows me his tootsies:









Love this one…he really IS the cutest, just like his shirt says…

















He thinks Mommy is VERY funny…









It was so great meeting you guys!  Can’t wait to see him grow!


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