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Greg & JJ Tie the Knot!

These two are so much fun…and the day of their wedding finally arrived!  JJ looked amazing, and was all smiles all day.  Here she is in the limo headed to the church (note the reflections of her mom, mother in law, and step-daughter in the window):









Greg was super-handsome in his tux:














The ceremony at Baldwin Memorial United Methodist Church was so nice.  Here they are outside the church:















Greg and his guys goofing off after the ceremony:









The reception at Celebrations on the Bay was great…the tent looked great thanks to the amazing flowers done by a friend of JJ’s mom and the aqua water glasses…nice details…









Greg’s daughter, Kayla, gave a toast that had everyone in the whole place crying.  She is wise beyond her 11 years…what a sweet girl.  This is JJ’s reaction to Kayla saying how much she loved her and how she couldn’t be more excited about finally having her in their family…










Here is the new look of the Smith family:









And Mr. Jared sure knows how do drop the moves on the dance floor…look at the guy on the left in awe of the coolness…









And here is my ring shot…










Thank you guys so much for choosing me to capture your big day!  The wedding was so much fun…you have an awesome family, and a great group of friends.  Here’s to a lifetime of smiles…


Ernie & Amanda’s Wedding

It was a beautiful day for a wedding…plenty of sun, plenty of friends, and plenty of fun!  Here they are after the ceremony:










Ernie’s grand-dad and his friends had a collection of antique cars to escort the bridal party to the reception…









They tried the ol’ switcheroo when they cut the cake and got thr brida party instead of eachother:










But ended up getting it on each other anyway…









The dance floor was packed all night…can you guess what was playing when I took this one?









Ernie works for Rusty, so we wanted to be sure to get an HRMotorcars staff shot (while everyone was clean and handsome) 🙂









Thanks for including me in your big day!  It was great!




Maria & Malik

These two are getting ready to celebrate thier first anniversary in a couple weeks, and to mark the occasion we met in Annapolis for a romantic photo shoot.  These two are terribly good looking, very in love, and very at ease in front of the camera. What a great combination! 

How sexy do these two look in front of this pink house on Pinkerton Street?

















Stolen moment….










It was so hot in the sun, so we tried to avoid it as much as possible.  But this backdrop was a must…


















Gorgeous, gorgoeus, gorgeous…


















Thank you guys so much…it was great to finally meet you! 




Kendra & Brian’s TTD

Brian & Kendra celebrated thier 5 year anniversary this past winter, so as a belated gift, Kendra arranged for a Trash the Dress session.  We had great weather, and gorgeous light Wednesday night, and we got some amazing shots.  It is days like this that renew my love for my job!

















There was an awful lot of kissing going on…but it made for great photos! 


















Is that light great or what?!  And I guess my subjects were pretty okay, too…


















Then we headed over to a little fishing/swimming hole for some water shots.  Brian figured, if we were getting wet, we should REALLY get wet…love Kendra’s reaction:










This is where we start the ‘bow-wow-chicka-bow-wow” music in the background:










You guys were great, and you should know that these are only the beginning.  And shout-out to all of you with dresses collecting dust in your closet…get it out, and lets get to work!!  Too much fun!


Kate & Ozzie

Sorry for the lack of blogging…but hold on…I think I have enough to keep you going for a while…

It was last Tuesday that Kate & Ozzie and I met down in Fells Point.  There were dark clouds rolling in, and lightning in the sky.  It wasn’t looking good for us at first, but we managed to work quickly and get some really great stuff. 

The breeze kicked up everyonce in a while and gave Kate that supermodel look:



















Sweet moment (you’d never think it was totally staged and uncomforatble, would you??) 🙂










And then we grabbed this one on our way back to the cars, after I had put my lens cap on three times already saying we were finished…there was just so much good stuff down there!


















I can’t wait to see you to make it official this Saturday!

Matt & Mandi’s E Session

After being rained out twice before, when the clouds started rolling in on Tuesday, I hightailed it over to their house to get these photos taken.  It actually turned out to be perfect conditions…nice soft light, a little breeze…

They had this funky, old wheelbarrow in the back yard that I coaxed Mandi into sitting in…









Then we headed down to the beach and got some romantic stuff:









After they got up out of the sand, I instructed them to not wipe off, and grabbed this one.   I think this is my favorite one:










Thanks so much for taking such good direction and being willing to get dirty and have fun.  Hope you had as much fun as I did!




Jessica’s Belly

Jess is one of our favorite babysitters, and she is expecting her first baby later this month.  She and Mike are very excited…Mike is quite the doting father already:

















Here is Jess alone:

















And I love this one:

















Can’t wait to meet Jackson! 


Wendy & Joe “E” Session

I met Wendy & Joe yesterday at Centennial Park for thier engagement session.  We had some fun joking around, but we got some really nice shots of them while we were at it.  This first shot was taken in the pavillion where they met a couple years ago:









Can you feel the love?


















Love a little sunflare:


















Wendy, aren’t you glad I didn’t make you wait til Monday?  🙂



Ernie & Amanda

With a rapidly approaching wedding date in July, we needed to get some engagement shots done for these two.  With such full plates, they decided to come to my place and grab some shots here.  Gotta love that late day light:









Check the bling…


















And I love this one…










Can’t wait til the wedding!


Babst Belly

Is there something in the water around here?  Is anyone noticing a pattern?  I have shot three newborns and three bellies this week.  Spring has sprung, I guess! 

Amy & Craig are expecting their first daughter next month, and I did some belly photos for them last Friday.  It was a rainy morning, but we got some great stuff inside.  They have this great sun porch with a sweet brick wall, and a great blue door.  So we spent a lot of time out tehre.  Again, another person who is glowing and beautiful when they are pregnant. 

















Look at these two together…so sweet:

















Last time I saw Amy, her hair was much longer…I love her new look:

















Look at that perfect belly:










Can’t wait to meet Kira!  🙂




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