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Stan & Ange’s E Session

On Wednesday, we woke to a dreary looking day, but it wasn’t really raining, so I was very happy.  Only 10 days until Stan & Ange’s wedding, so this was our last shot to do their engagement session.  So it was off to Brookside Gardens in Wheaton.  There were daffodils, tulips, and hyacinth everywhere!  It is still so early in spring, and there was much left to bloom, but this was off to a beautiful start!  There were geese waddling around, too.  Lots to see…


















The shades of purple and pink made us forget all about the clouds…


















Inside the greenhouse were oodles and oodles of flowers and plants, and we got some nice shots there, too…









There were a bunch of art students working on various projects all over the place.  They were doing watercolors of the weeping cherry trees, oils by the pond.  But I think I had the best subjects:



















Thank you guys so much for taking me to a great new location!  Can’t wait for the wedding!



Tom & Janet

This past Saturday was a busy shooting day for me, and it all started with Tom and Janet’s enagagment session.  These two are getting married in seven short weeks at the Elkridge Furnace Inn.  This is my first wedding there, and I simply can’t wait!  As soon as I got in the car and headed out to meet these guys, rain started sprinkling on my windshield, and I started getting nervous.  But it held out, and (compared to today) it wasn’t too cold.  The cloudy sky made for some great soft light…here are a few of my personal faves:










I think Janet’s next job will be supermodel…she was having too much fun!  😉










They were both very accommodating, sitting on most uncomfortable and cold rocks and such, but I think it was worth it:


















Thanks so much, you two!  I had a blast…and can’t wait for the wedding!

Kim & Jason’s Engagement

I met these two at the Museum of Industry (my new favorite place) last week for thier engagement shoot.  We had a great time and got some great shots!  And Kim hasn’t called me once to see what the heck was taking so long to have her photos posted…thanks, babe!  🙂  Here ya go:

My favorite from the whole day:
















































































































































 Just so you can see how pretty they are:
























Thanks so much, guys…I had a great time in Fells Point!  I mean, Federal Hill…

Next time, its drinks at Lime…that looked great!

Tracey & John’s Engagement

Tuesday morning I met with Tracey & John at the River Plantation on the Eastern Shore, which is the setting for their wedding next September.  There were so many places to take great photos there…it is just gorgeous!  Here is one of the first ones we took…are these two good looking or what?!

































The buildings are so old they were full of great details like this door:































We made our way down to the beach and take advantage of that great morning light:

































I’m a sucker for footprints in the sand:

































And this may be my favorite of the day.  It doesn’t show off their good looks as much as the first one, but I just love it:

































You guys were so much fun to work with…can’t wait to do it again!  🙂

Annie & Adam TTD

Three is a charm, right?  Well, this is my third Trash the Dress shoot, and this one was as much fun as the others.  First I want to apologize to the other shoots who are waiting to see themselves here…I promise I’ll pop you up tomorrow.  But I am just so excited about this one, I had to blog it.  There is something about these shoots that satisfy the artist in me (if you will).  And how have I gotten such beautiful people each time?  It blows my mind…

So here are Annie & Adam.  You may remember Annie going down the zipline in her dress the day of her wedding back in May.  If she was willing to do that on her wedding day, you can only imagine how open minded she was today.  She was climbing through the burnt remains of old houses in Ellicott City, up mountains, thru the river at Patapsco Valley State Park…you name it…she did it!  And wait til you see how fab she looked:















































































 Now look at how gorgeous!  And when a girl who is in front of my camera says to me “I feel so pretty!”, I know I must be doing something right…








































































































And this is just the beginning!  Thank you guys for a fun shoot and more excercise than I was prepared for.  🙂

Two Hot Tamales

Carrie & Larry (I know…how cute is that?) are getting married in late September, and we have been trying and trying to do an engagement shoot, but schedules haven’t permitted it until tonight.  And boy did I work them!  But these two hot tamales were hip to whatever I threw at them, and the results are super!  Remember the elusive waterfall I’ve been looking for since April?  Well, we managed to find it!  And with all the rain we haven’t gotten lately, the waterfall was more of a water trickle, but still made for some great shots.  I couldn’t pick a favorite…I want some feedback as to which one you like best:

Here is where we started…and I have to give kudos to Larry who came prepared with a change of clothes (what a guy…) and an open mind.  Love it!

























Fun, fun….





















Then they hiked up to the top of the waterfall and I got this one:





























Okay…I know I said I couldn’t pick a favorite, but I have to admit that I got a lump in my throat when I looked at this one.  Just so sweet, and I love the reflection… (And now its Carrie’s turn for the kudos…how many girls would change their clothes in the middle of a river and then get in the river in your new white dress?  You go, girl…)




























This one makes me make a purring sound, but you can’t hear it….




















Are these two hot or what??!!  I can not wait for the wedding!  You guys rock!

Annapolitan Engagement

Finally!  I have been wanting to do an engagement shoot in downtown Annapolis and today was my lucky day!  Melanie & Brian are getting married in August, so we got to work together and get to know each other better this afternoon.  We started at the Paca House, which was beautiful.  Here is my favorite shot from there:




























Here is another:




























Then we made our way back to Main Street, and grabbed some great shots on the way.  Brian was a trooper in his long pants and long sleeved shirt and Melanie in her sexy heels.  But they look great in the photos…wouldn’t you say?!





























And here is another shot where we hijacked someone’s house…I also did a little experiment with a texture over this one.  (How do you like that?  Its new to me…I think its kind of cool…)





























So we finally made it to Main Street and stopped for a sushi snack at Nano (our favorite sushi place) and we got a couple last photos there…






























And this fun shot with Melanie’s ring…



















I had SO much fun…thank you guys for letting me drag you around the city!  Today was one of those days that I am reminded how blessed I am to have a job that allows me to meet all kinds of great people, work my own schedule, have all kinds of fun, go to new places, and constantly challenge myself to try new things and grow and improve my craft.  I am a lucky girl…

Danielle & Andrew at Loyola

I met Danielle back in January, and I finally got to meet her Andrew today for their engagement shoot. Danielle says she was sold on me as her photographer when she read my story on my website on how I went to college to pursue a teaching career, and ended up changing my mind in my last year of school.  She is a teacher, and she says she completely identifed with that.  Actually, (and this may be the best ‘how we met’ story yet) Andrew was assigned to Danielle’s classroom for his college observation class, and she pretty much talked him out of becoming a teacher.  How great is that?!  Now he is working for McDaniel College (where they will marry in the fall) and loving every minute of it. 

Anywho…it was super hot today, but they look cool as cucumbers in the photos.  And there were no snakes today (see yesteday’s entry if you missed it…) so that is always a plus.

They are so great together…
























Loyola had tons of places to take photos.  I’m liking these gate shots…

























Nice architechture…























And Andrew’s dad is a Loyola alum (along with everyone else he knows, it seems), so we got this shot with ‘class of 1960’ in it in honor of his dad. 
























I can’t wait to shoot the wedding in November!  You guys are so much fun…

Marissa & Pete’s Engagement

The clouds cooperated today at Down’s Park for Marissa & Pete’s engagement pics.  It was a little stuffy, but they hung in there with me, and we got some good stuff. 

We found this cool stone bench back in the woods.  I think this is my fave of the day:


























The clouds provided the perfect light this afternoon:


























So sweet together:



























And then some fun:



























And when this guy appeared on the beach, it was hard to concentrate, so we called it day shortly after:






















Holy cow…is he huge or WHAT?!

Thanks guys…can’t wait til September!


Liz & Jacob’s Engagement

When I woke up this morning, it was drizzling, overcast, and humid.  My first thought was, “This is not a good look for a photo shoot.”  But by 10am the clouds moved out, and by 2pm, the humidity went with it.  This most beautiful day came out of nowhere, and boy am I glad I had a shoot scheduled to take advantage of it! 

Liz & Jacob are getting married in August, and I had a ton of fun taking thier engagement photos today!  They were up for anything, and seemed totally at ease in front of the camera.  They live at the Fairview Marina in Pasadena (which is in mid-construction of a new wedding/banquet facility that looks like it is going to be stunning…make a mental note you brides-to-be…).  We walked around and found some cool spots for picture taking.  Here are some results:

Nowhere Jacob would rather have Liz than in his arms:































And this is the inside of that cool building in the backgound of the previous photo.  It was a little smelly inside, and who of us hasn’t seen a spook movie with a body floating by in a boat house?  But we got some great stuff inside, and not a dead body in sight!

























And look out, but my Jessica Claire sunburst shot made the cut again…I just love it!





























And meet Max.  He is a wirey haired dascund…I would’ve never guessed.  But he is just adorable…and doesn’t he look like the Max in ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’? 





















Can’t wait til the wedding, you guys!!  🙂

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