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Goodbye, Girl-Girl

I know it has been an eternity since I’ve posted, and I promise that I will be catching up very soon.  But I just wanted to share a little update about our family.  Yesterday we lost our pup, Freddie.  She was diagnosed with cancer back in October, and we have tried to make her as comfortable as possible for the past two months.  She has eaten like a queen, as Daddy has been cooking her rice and chicken for every meal, and the kids have been so loving and attentive to her.  But this week proved to be a yucky one for her, and we knew it was time to say goodbye.  I got these pics of the kids with her Thursday afternoon:

Trent & Freddie:



 Graham & Freddie:

hlo_6898bw Both kids went to the vet with me yesterday to say goodbye.  Trent stayed with me by Freddie’s side while she went to sleep.  He was so brave and sweet.  I’d like to say a sincere and heart-felt thank you to our vet and friend, Christine Leigh of Arnold Veterinary  Hospital, who was so kind as to come in on her day off, and for being so sensitive to our girl’s needs and keeping her (and us) as comfortable and stress-free as possible. 

Our kids have never known a home without her in it, so you can imagine how empty our home feels this morning.  No wagging tail banging on the floor as we walk down the stairs, or anxious eyes looking up the stairs into the kitchen waiting for her gourmet breakfast to be served.

Yesterday was Freddie’s 13th birthday, and we are so blessed to have had 13 years full of fun memories to look back on.

Our Labor Day

We took another last-minute trip to Six Flags yesterday, but this time we took my brother and his wife along.  It turned out that half the park was closed (only 3 things in the water park were open, and many of our favorite rides had to be closed due to lack of staff…poor planning on managements part, I suppose) but we had a good time, regardless.  Here are Brad & Rusty on the Batwing…once you sit in the seat, it flips you backward so you are laying on your back, and once the ride starts, it flips you upsidedown so its like you’re flying (I wasn’t going near this thing):

















Trent & Graham (who I caught getting whiplash here) doing bumper cars with Uncle Brad:








Daddy & Graham self-portrait:











Trent & I self-portrait:










Happy Labor Day!  Look out…Christmas will be here before we know it!  🙂


Postcard from the Beach

I totally forgot to post some photos from our trip to the beach, so here are a few.  I haven’t gotten the photos off my point & shoot yet, so I’ll post some of those later. 









I think I started screaming at them about 10 seconds after this was taken…very professional…

“Just look at ME!”

“Stop playing around!”

“I don’t know HOW I do this for a living…”

If only my kids cooperated as well as all of my clients…this is why I have other people take our photos. 

The ocean water was really cold (and I mean COLD), and it seemed even colder once the sun was going down.  Now THAT will make you giggle…

















Trent and I (hardly had to bend down to get this one…he is so tall)…









And me & the G-Bomb:









We had such a nice time together…I think my blood pressure goes down a little just looking at these…


Big Learning in 6th Grade

Here is what Trent learned in school today…from the principal:

How do you get a giraffe into a refrigerator?

Open the door, put him in, close the door.

How do you get an elephant in the refrigerator?

Open the door, take out the giraffe, put the elephant in, close the door.

All of the Lion King’s animals are at a group meeting.  Who is missing?

The elephant.  He’s still in the fridge.

You want to cross an alligator-infested river…how do you get across?

Just walk…the gators are at the meeting.

Private school dollars hard at work.  🙂 

First Day of School

Well, after a crazy week of shooping for supplies, uniforms, food for lunches, filling out all the forms, picnics, orientations, physicals…wow…the boys are on the bus on their way to their first day of school at Annapolis Area Christian School.  I can’t believe it!  Trent is a 6th grader (middle school??!) and Graham is a third grader.  They were more than happy to oblige me for a photo before we left the house (not):


















I had forgotten to buy belts for thier uniforms, so we ran to Kohl’s last night at 8pm, and when I came back, Graham’s was too small.  So hopefully he won’t get kicked out on the first day for being out of uniform. 

I feel old.


We’re headed down’e oweshun, hon! 

I will be out of the office (aka my family room) until Monday the 17th.  I’ll be returning calls & emails then, and any orders placed this week won’t be filled until next.  Hang in there with me while we soak up a little more summer before school starts again. 

I’ll miss you terribly… 🙂

Weird Al at Pier 6

Friday night was the highly anticipated Weird Al concert (well, highly anticipated in our house) at Pier 6 Pavilion in Baltimore.  We took the kids to see him last summer at the Warner Theatre in DC (refresh your memory of that night here), so it was nice that he was a little closer this year.  The show was pretty much the same, but I have a better camera  now, so I have better pics.  Here are the boys and I waiting patiently for the show to start:










Here is a shot from the song “Bob”, whose lyrics are all palindromes (words that are the same backwards and forwards).  Rats live on no evil star, for instance:










This was at the end of “You’re Pitiful”…this outfit made Graham laugh out loud:
















This is one of my favorite songs “He’s Gump”.  Al is pretty limber:










“Smells Like Nirvana”











Always a favorite – “The Saga Begins”:










And a blast from the past…”I’m Fat”:















This show runs like a well-oiled machine.  So many things to sync…costume changes, video clips…it is impressive.  And it is two hours long…not many bands play that long without all the frills.  Again…very impressive. 


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