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Trent Graduates from Elementary School

YIkes!  How did THIS happen?  How did I get this old??  I have no idea…but he did it, and it is off to middle school in the fall.  Here he is accepting his certificate from Vice Principal Canedo and Principal Williams:









Mrs. Williams has been a part of our lives for the past 5 years…she is so good at her job.  We will miss her!

Trent had some of his artwork selected to be used on the program for the ceremony (he didn’t even know til he saw it).  Graham was just having fun making an airlane out of it:

















Look at the joy during the recessional:










And he definitley had other things on his mind than taking photos once it was over…he just wanted to go home!!









Congratualtions, pal.  We love you! 


Summertime, Summertime

AAhhh…its finally here.  The kids are almost finished school…it is almost real!  One of their favorite things about summer is watermelon.  Here is Graham with a watermelon grin (note the juice running down his arm):

















And here is Trent chomping on a piece.  My second favorite thing about summer is freckles.  And we are in no shortage of those in this family…

















Happy Summer!


WooHOO, Jeremy!

The drawing for the 50/50 raffle to benefit my pal Jeremy Morse was held this past Saturday.  One of my clients, Shelley Mazzuca, had her ticket drawn as the winner, and she graciously donated all of the money back to the Morses…which was over $6000!  A big thank you to all who purchased tickets!  What a blessing!

And as if that weren’t great news in itself…Jeremy was extubated yesterday!  He is breathing on his own now only with the help of a BiPAP machine (Positive Airway Pressure) and doing well.  The doctors are planning to list him for transplant this week!!!  Keep those prayers coming!  Here is Amy’s entry from yesterday:

“We are filled with so much joy tonight. Even the doctor has commented on the fact that he has never seen us both smile at the same time. We give much thanks to God for Jeremy’s life and the amazing journey we have been on so far. Jeremy is still doing a great job working to breathe without the help of the ventilator. He is on the Bipap machine and seems to be doing well. The blood gases and the chest x-ray are okay so we will keep this course of treatment for now. Please pray for continued success and much rest tonight.

Thanks to all of the outstanding doctors, nurses, nurse practioners, and respiratory therapists who have taken such good care of Jeremy and continue to do so. We couldn’t be more thankful.

Thanks to our family, friends, and prayer warriors! Jeremy is definately feeling your prayers, love, and support.”

And here is a photo of him with his new, althoughit be a bit cumbersome, BiPAP mask:








 Look at those big brown peepers looking back thru that crazy thing…what a site for sore eyes!  🙂



Six Flags Sunday

Yesterday was a perfect example of why I don’t work on Sundays.  Being a dual-small-business-owning family, it is hard for either of us to set hours during the week.  We both get calls and emails to answer pretty much around the clock, but Sunday is the one day we set aside for the fam.  We got up yesterday morning, and Daddy said, “Lets go to Six Flags”.  So off we went.  It has probably been two or three years since out last horriffic experience at Six Flags, but yesterday made up for that.  We had such a great time laughing and getting soaked on all the water rides.  We aren’t much of a roller-coaster group (sorry, Daddy) but maybe next time.  Anyway, we had a super time, and made for a perfect Sunday together.

Here I am with the boys after they finished eating thier Dippin’ Dots (Ice Cream of the Future…for the past 30 years or so…):










Pancake Breakfast to Benefit Jeremy Morse

 Come One, Come All!


Just Come HUNGRY!


Pancake Breakfast to Benefit Jeremy Morse


(serving pancakes, bacon, sausage, juice, coffee & tea)


Saturday, June 7, 2008


8am – 11am


Family Life Center, Holy Nativity Lutheran Church


1200 Linden Avenue, 21227


In lieu of ticket cost, please make a donation to


Jeremy Morse


to help offset medical costs and support the family.


Please RSVP to Karen Zorn


(For headcount purposes)

Benefit Crop for Jeremy

Jeremy’s mom, Amy, is a Creative Memories consultant, so some of the other consultants on her team have joined forces and are putting on a benefit crop and silent auction.  I will paste in the info below.  Even if you aren’t a scrapbook geek, consider stopping by between 3-5pm for the auction…I will have a portrait package in there, along with bundles from other home-based businesses.  Mark your calendars!  Here is a link to the website for more inforamtion:

It’s with great pleasure that I announce our BIG event for the Morse family on July 12, 2008.  For those of you unfamiliar with Jeremy Morse’s story, I refer you to to read about his condition.  His mother, Amy, is a Catonsville resident and a Creative Memories consultant in my unit. 

 Kudos go to Lisa, Ginger and Jessica for getting the ball rolling on this.  The CM consultants in my unit are SO very excited about this opportunity.  There will be six of us pooling our customer base and also recruiting the assistance of other direct sales consultants from companies such as Longaberger and Tastefully Simple.  Doesn’t that sound fun???Now, we hope that you will help us to spread the word to all of your friends.  This will be a “no-frills” workshop so that we can maximize our donation to Jeremy’s medical fund.  We will provide lunch and your own table, plus 7 hours of uninterrupted work time. 

 For those not interested in scrapbooking, we will be holding two other events that day.  A silent auction will begin at 3pm featuring Creative Memories bundles, along with items donated by other direct sales companies (if you know a consultant for a particular company, and you think they might be willing to make a donation, please let me know and I will contact them!). 


In addition, Kati Thomas, my Unit Leader, will be holding a Custom Framing Workshop.  Bring something to frame and the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Morse family.  I had something framed by CM last month and it turned out REALLY well.  Entry fee for the 3-5pm events will be only $5, to go directly to Jeremy.

 So, PLEASE tell everyone you know!  And contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you all for your support!
Sharleen Hernan

Independent Creative Memories Consultant

Fundraising for Jeremy

Well, God is good!  Little Jeremy needed a quiet, restful week, and that is exactly what God gave him.  Here is an excerpt from Amy’s post today:

God has heard our prayers, Jeremy is showing improvement. We couldn’t be more thankful to God !! We also thank all of the doctors, nurses, and RTs, your hard work and dedication is paying off. Last but not least, we are so proud of Jeremy. He is working so hard and proving again just how strong he is! We also appreciate our family and friends for EVERYTHING that they do to help us get on with the daily tasks of life.

Jeremy is currently on 65% oxygen, which is very close to our goal. He has come down on the mean airway pressures and some of the blood pressure medicines. We are hopeful that Jeremy will continue walking a bit more briskly in this direction.

He still has a long road, so keep those prayers coming!

Fundraising efforts have begun for the Morse family.  We are currently selling 50/50 raffle tickets at $10 each.  The initial order was for 1,000 tickets, but they seem to be selling very well, so we may be looking at getting more.  The drawing will be held May 31st, so if you are interested in buying a ticket (or 10), please let me know.  I will be selling them at Holy Nativity this Sunday after the late service.  I also have blue bows for your trees and blue ribbons to wear.  The blue bows are peppered throught Catonsville and surrounding areas…they can be seen most prominently down Frederick Road where many businesses have posted them along the street to show support for Jeremy and his family.  Here is a collage of just a few bows I saw on some of those businesses this week:















Jessica Nelson wrote a great essay on the significance and importace of the bows:

                                                             Wrapping the Town in Blue

 Yellow bows tied to homes, trees and porches are a sign of support, love and prayer for American soldiers in times of war.  In a similar effort of support, love and prayer, blue bows have been tied to many area businesses and homes in support of Catonsville’s own brave little soldier, 5-month-old Jeremy Morse.  Sweet little Baby Jeremy was taken to the hospital on April 1, 2008 to treat dehydration.  While in the ER, he went into cardiac arrest and was placed on life support.  So began the roller coaster ride for him and his family.


While they continue to deal with the ups and downs family members and friends are struggling to show their support in every way.  Their utmost request has been for prayers.  The millions of prayers said for Jeremy and his family have clearly helped the family stay afloat during these difficult times.


Thousands of visitors from all over the country have flocked to the website ( to view the nearly daily updates.  There are several fundraising efforts and blood drives taking place and in the works to help with the mounting medical expenses for this miracle baby.


But the blue bows are something extra special.  They started cropping up at local businesses along Frederick Road in Catonsville in the weeks after Jeremy was hospitalized.  Passers-by wondered, “what are those bows for?”  When they learned the story behind the blue bows, that meant more thoughts and prayers to buoy the spirits of the fighting Jeremy and his amazingly strong parents. 


The blue bows also mean something special to Jeremy’s older sister and brothers who now notice every blue bow tied to honor their little brother.


Every time you see a blue bow, stop and say a prayer.  As the blue bows continue to spread that will add up to a lot of prayers…..and that is what the Morse Family and Baby Jeremy really need right now.


Please consider buying a bow, raffle ticket, or just making a donation.  The medical bills that are piling up are unimaginable.  Some of his treatments and meds are ‘experimental’ and not covered at all by insurance.  You can only imagine what 39 days and counting at Hopkins adds up to. Checks can be made to Jeremy Morse, and mailed to me, picked up by me…whatever…just let me know! And above all else, keep those prayers coming!


Not good news tonight…here is an excerpt from Scott’s journal entry:

We had a long talk with the doctors today about Jeremy’s prognoisis. He has developed ARDS which is inflamation of the lungs (not just fluid build-up), due to all of his trauma this week. He is just treading water and is not making progress. The oscillator ventilaltor is on the highest settings and he is just barely holding on. The next step would be ECMO and they say that he is too weak to survive the operation to go on ECMO. To put it in perspective, the doctors say he had a better chance of surviving on that first night than he does now because now his body is so weak. The doctor’s have said that we are getting close to the point of having to make some unspeakable decisions. Lord have mercy.

All we can do is keep praying and let God do his will. We will never give up on Jeremy or on our hope, but we must accept, with faith, whatever is in God’s plan.

Keep praying for this little warrior.  The reality of this seems more than I can wrap my mind around…I can’t imagine what is happening in Scott & Amy’s heads and hearts tonight.  As I was walking upstairs, I walked by this print we have hanging on the wall.  It was a gift for Graham’s baptism from his godparents, and this is what I imagine is going on in Jeremy’s hospital room tonight. 














Please keep praying…

And my apologies to Thomas Blackshear, the artist who painted the image above, for posting this photo without permission.  It is called “Watchers in the Night”, and more of his work can be found here.

Our NY Weekend

Last weekend we hopped on the train and took the kids up to New York City for the weekend.  Rusty surprised us with a very posh room at the Waldorf-Astoria…way classier than we actually are.  But it was lovely…I slept like a rock in the most comfy bed ever (yes, Dawn, sorry…it beats the one at the Girton B&B even…).  John Travolta & Denzel Wahington were staying in the hotel, as well, and were shooting a movie on the street in front of the hotel both days.  No shots of either of them, unfortunately, but it was still kind of cool…

















Friday night we had dinner at Bukhara Grill, a yummy Indian place right around the corner.  Great food, great service (I think our concierge put in a good word for us) and Trent had some of the biggest tandoori shrimp any of us have ever seen:


















We bought a bus pass that allowed us to hop on and off as we pleased all weekend, and we got to see lots of touristy stuff like the Dakota, the building where John Lennon lived and died:
















Plenty of Seinfeld sightings…NO SOUP FOR YOU! (The Soup Nazi is actually a chain…he has three locations now…)









Here is a shot of all the dorks standing out in front of Radio City for the football draft.  Is this really necessary?  And the line went on well around the block.  You should have seen the trash these people left…bottles, cans, chairs, coolers…it was nuts!









We took an architecture tour Saturday morning (I bought the wrong tickets…we wanted to tour NBC, but this was pretty interesting) and we ended up at the Top of the Rock…similar to the top of the Empire State Building, but way cheaper and way less crowded.  Out lovely, punk rock tour guide, Sara, took this for us (note Central Park in the background):









We hopped on the bus for much of Saturday, hopping off in Greenwich Village for lunch (I could have spent the whole day here…so nice) and then headed down to the Battery in hopes of seeing Lady Liberty.  We were told it was too late, but tried anyway and were successful.  Here are the boys in front of the statue:

















I’m not sure what is with Graham flashing his sign or whatever, but he did it in almost all the pictures.  We stopped for sushi at like 9pm for dinner Saturday night after a very long day (including a tour of the always cool Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum).  I grabbed this most professional shot of he & I in our room before we left Sunday morning:










Now, I have saved this last shot til the end…it made the whole ridiculously expensive weekend worthwhile.  We gave this guy (?) $5 to get this picture…it was the best money we spent all weekend.  I know some of you will want a copy of this to keep you giggling at home, so just let me know if you want one of your own…


















For those of you who know my hubby, you know just how great this is.  For those of you who don’t…trust me…this is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time!


Jeremy’s Blood Drive

Yesterday was the first of three blood drives in Jeremy’s honor.  I am not eligible to give blood unfortunatley, but I did stop by to pick up some sweet treats from the bake sale.  When I arrived, the parking lot was full!   What an awesome sight!  Thanks to Christ Lutheran for the use of their gym and facility for hosting this event!
















And I can’t even imagine how many people were busy baking in Catonsville the past couple of days!  There were tons of goodies covering two huge tables…thanks to all who baked and bought!

UPDATE:  5/2 – The bake sale brought in over $1600!  Thanks to all who participated!!

















A fund has been started to help the Morse’s out with the accumulating medical costs as well as day-to-day household costs.  If you are interested in contributing, checks can be made out directly to Jeremy Morse and sent to me.  Please email or call me directly if you will be sending anything. 

Jeremy is in surgery this morning to try and remove more infected tissue from that nasty bedsore.  He crashed after a similar surgery SAturday, so please keep him and the surgeon’s in your prayers this morning.  Check for updates…

Thanks again to all who showed their love for the Morse’s yesterday at the blood drive!

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