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Ziggy…where are you??!

I made some more new friends yesterday…meet Jessica & Dan who are expecting their first child in the next couple weeks.  They want the sex of the baby to be a surprise, so for now, the affectionatley refer to him/her as ‘Ziggy’.  Adorable…

Here’s a great shot of the happy couple & baby bump:



Jessica’s mom made this needlepoint for her when she was a baby, and now they have it hanging in Ziggy’s room.  They have a little parlor game they are playing…wanna join?  Can you tell me what the ‘N’ stands for?? (Just hit comment and leave your guesses!)



Look at Jessica…is she going to be the best mom ever or what? 


Okay, okay…so we got a little silly at the end with the cigar and pickle martini.  And the Safe Baby Handling Book was TOO funny!

I love the snuggle in this next one…


Thank you guys so much for having me out!  Can’t wait to meet Ziggy!  😉

Merchant Belly

More new friends today!  John & Marjorie are expecting their first child in the next couple weeks, so we met today to capture this very special time in their lives.  I’m going to start with my favorite…these two are bound to make a good looking baby, don’t you think?



Wait…maybe this was my favorite:



Hmmm…maybe it was this one…




Does Marjorie make ‘pregnant’ look good or what?!


I can’t wait to meet Connor!  🙂

VanderRoest Belly #3

Much has changed since the last time I saw these guys…not only are they adding baby number 3 to the pack, but they lost their beloved pooch, Carter, and since adopted Noah (who AJ adores).  Here is a look at the growing bunch:










Michelle is due in the next couple weeks, but this belly looks ready to me…



















Mommy & Rachel (who can’t wait to be a big sister again):


















AJ was slightly less intersted in taking pictures, but I love this one of he & Michelle:


















And the whole fam piled in bed checking out the pregnancy book.  Look at AJ…”The baby looks like WHAT?!”










Thanks guys…I had a blast!  Can’t wait to come back in a few weeks! 


Alan & Amanda are Expecting

And soon, too!  There are only 8 days left til Amanda’s due date arrives, so I was glad to get there in time to get some shots of her perfect belly. 

Here they are together:









Look at this hot mama:

















And here they are with Charlie, one of the sweetest pups around:

















And I had this idea to do a ring shot accentuating the big day…I like how it turned out:









You guys were awesome…I can’t wait to meet the boy!  Thanks so much, BethAnn, for sending them my way! 



Elli is One!

I can’t get over how big this girl is!  She is another one with squeezable cheeks and thighs…just can’t get enough!  It was a pretty hot day, and we were working hard, so we stopped for an ice water break, and Elli went straight for the ice…

















Love that sunlight coming in on her…

What a great capture of the fun in this family:








And Elli is expecting a baby brother this fall, so she was showing me Mommy’s belly.  Love the expression!














Always a pleasure to see you guys!  Can’t wait to meet the boy! 


Keisha’s Baby Belly

Keisha & TS are expecting baby #2 in a few weeks, so I went for a visit on Wednesday to capture her perfect tummy.  Is she all baby or what?!

















Spencer is pretty excited about becoming a big brother, and he was hamming it up for me all morning.  He couldn’t keep his lips of mommy:


















So sweet…

And I just love this one of them together:


















And here is one of just Spencer…what a great smile he has!


















Thanks so much for having me out…best wishes for a smooth delivery!


Waiting for Logan

The Cherneski’s are waiting for arrival of son #2, Logan.  Big brother, Riley, is a firecracker, and can’t wait to meet his little brother.  Here are mom and dad together:


















I tried the peek-a-boo shot with Riley, where you can just see eyes popping out behind the belly, but I like RIley’s version better:













This is a soccer house, so Riley and I got mom giggling with a baby belly of his own thanks to a strategically placed soccer ball:



















I just think these are so funny!


















It was so great meeting you guys!  Can’t wait to meet Logan!  And thanks to Brady for the hook-up!!



Jessica’s Belly

Jess is one of our favorite babysitters, and she is expecting her first baby later this month.  She and Mike are very excited…Mike is quite the doting father already:

















Here is Jess alone:

















And I love this one:

















Can’t wait to meet Jackson! 


Denise’s Belly

I have travelled all the way to North Carolina to make some new friends and take some fun photos.  My first new ‘out-of-state’ clients were Denise & Ben, who are expecting their first child in July.  I went to their home in the quaint town of Davidson, and we played all around their new home.  I got this shot in thier bedroom…is that balcony to die for or what?!


















Here are Denise and Ben together (he was a great sport)…

















I love these doors…and the light coming in them…


















And this one is my favorite shot of Denise…a great smile to go with the sweet belly…










Thank you guys so much for having me out!  It was great to meet you!  Ben, did you have to go back to work?


Waiting for Katelyn

I finally got to work with Jennifer & her daughter Jessica on Monday.  Jen is a very good friend of Amy Morse’s, so we’ve known each other a while, just haven’t worked together.  But now Jen is expecting daughter #2, Katelyn (hope i’m spelling that right…) so we did some belly shots.  I love this first one:



















Jessica had the perfect peepers for the peek-a-boo shot:










And then at the very end, we got some of just Jessica by herself.  She was such a helper the whole time, and a most wonderful model.  Thanks for being such a great assistant!

















Can’t wait to meet baby!  🙂

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