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Babst Belly

Is there something in the water around here?  Is anyone noticing a pattern?  I have shot three newborns and three bellies this week.  Spring has sprung, I guess! 

Amy & Craig are expecting their first daughter next month, and I did some belly photos for them last Friday.  It was a rainy morning, but we got some great stuff inside.  They have this great sun porch with a sweet brick wall, and a great blue door.  So we spent a lot of time out tehre.  Again, another person who is glowing and beautiful when they are pregnant. 

















Look at these two together…so sweet:

















Last time I saw Amy, her hair was much longer…I love her new look:

















Look at that perfect belly:










Can’t wait to meet Kira!  🙂




Sutton Belly

And not a moment too soon, I might add.  I did Brian & Valerie’s wedding a couple years ago, and now they are expecting their first child.  So I went over Friday afternoon to do the belly shots, and got a call Saturday night saying the baby had come!  Four weeks early!  Talk about squeaking by…  But everyone is well, and I am hoping to go tomorrow and take Cole’s newborn photos…

Mom & Dad hanging out in the perfectly decorated nursery:












Valerie wore pregnancy very well…glad we caught her before she wan’t preggers anymore!

















I made a joke about her not being able to button that shirt in another month, but I guess she doesn’t have to worry about that anymore!


















We headed outside for a few snaps in the humidity…


















Congratulations, you guys!  Hope to see you soon!  🙂




Sumpter Belly

Luchana & Terrence are expecting their first child soon, so I went out last week and take some belly photos for them.  Here is Mommy and Chloe (their real first child) in the beautiful nursery…

















Mommy and Daddy together:

















I’m not sure what Chloe will do when she is upstaged by this baby…she is such a ham!

















We ventured outside for a few.  Are these two going to make a beautiful baby or what? 

















Thank you guys for having me out!  I can’t wait to meet Emerson next month!  And thanks to Radiah Rhodes for the hook-up!



Nicole’s Belly

After scheduling and re-scheduling and some serious phone tag, I was finally able to make it happen with Nicole & Jared.  These two are awesome, and have two awesome pooches, too…Eddie & Titan.  I was warmly welcomed by all (there was lots of licking and scratching involved)…a very nice way to end a long day. 

These two are working hard in the nursery…they did this tree mural themselves (it is FABULOUS!).  I bet it was nice to just sit down and chill in there instead of working…

















There was nice, juicy light coming in…can you feel the love?

















Look at her…is she glowing or what?!

















And here is the whole family…Eddie & Titan being most cooperative:









It was so great meeting you guys!  I can’t wait to meet Noah!


Brittany’s Belly

I apologize for the delay in this post…it was a week ago today that I met Brittany and did these belly photos for her.  Her mom did it as a surprise (and when I say surprise, I mean, Brittany answered the door and had no idea why some chick with a camera was on her porch), and has a great waterfront yard, and I think we got some great stuff.  Here is one of the first shots we got:


















It was a beautiful day last Tuesday…nice and warm, and the light was especially juicy at 6 o’clock. 

I liked the perspective on this one…not to mention the perfectly round tummy…










And I think this is my absolute fave of the day…the light is just great, and look at those lashes!









Thanks so much for having me out!  Can’t wait to meet whoever is inside!  🙂

Jennie’s Bellie

Some people are just made to be preganant…and I think Jennie is one of them.  She only has a couple weeks left before this baby pops out, and I don’t think she could look better:


















I love these shots we got in the field in her mom’s back yard:









Look at the size of that tummy!


















And I think this might be my favorite of the day:


















Can’t wait to meet your little one!


The Baker Belly

On Thursday, I had the priveledge of meeting Claudine (another CAMom) and her 4-year-old twins, Emily & Matthew.  This family is waiting for the arrival of set-o-twins #2, Aidan & Nicholas.  We started out by taking some pictures of Emily & Matthew with their trusty companions:

















Then we spent some time coloring with Mommy:









Got a few shots with the belly:











And then we wanted to get some shots to show how excited they are about the new babies…I think we captured that…
















Thanks so much for having me out!  I had a blast!

Lauren’s Baby Belly

Yesterday, I had the honor of doing belly shots for Lauren to celebrate the upcoming arrival of her second son.  Big brother, Evan, was full of energy and had tons of cool stuff to show me.  Here he is goofing with Mommy:



















Evan likes to rub Mommy’s feet (he didn’t want to come home with me, though) and kiss her belly…










Lauren is one of those girls who wears pregnancy like a pro.  Look at this hot mama…

















Thanks so much for allowing me to capture your pregnancy (again!)…you look amazing!  Can’t wait to meet Alex…


Waiting Patiently

The Meagher family is patiently waiting for the arrival of baby #4.  It is unknown if it is a boy or a girl, and the anticipation is high.  Grandma was flying in yesterday afternoon to be here for the birth and transition to a family of six (wow, thats a lot of people!), so hopefully the baby will come soon.

Here are the original three, Payton, Mason & Camryn:









Love the peek shot:










And look at that belly…is that all baby or what?!










Thanks for having me out!  Hopefully I’ll see you again in the next week or two to meet #4!  🙂

Tam’s Baby Belly

You may remember these two from their TTD session back in the fall.  Tammy looks every bit as hot today as she did then, with a touch of Mommy-radiance throw in. 



















Today’s overcast sky made for great soft light…


















Here is big brother, Boone, waiting patiently for Natalie…










More great light:


















And a little friendly competition:


















Can’t wait to meet her!  🙂  


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