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Cody & Kristen’s E-Session

After what felt like a month of rain, mud, and bad hair, the sun came out and smiled on me as I wandered around Eastport with Cody and Kristen to celebrate their engagement.  The wedding is in August, and I just can’t wait!  (I know, I know…I keep saying I’m not doing weddings anymore, but there are some families that are just SO great to work with, and I learned that these guys are one of them after sister, Melanie’s, wedding…refresh your memory here…)

Anyhoo…we started at Carol’s Creek Cafe where Cody proposed.  We worked our way around the streets and waterfront and just soaked in the beautiful day. 



We decided early on that we did not want to be charged with trespassing, so when we gently used people’s yards and such, we did it quickly and quietly. This gate, for instance, was kind enough not to creek open…




Kristen is going to be a stunning bride…



Make a wish…



Sooo romantic…



And we got this one on the pier by The Chart House.  Look at that sky…how long have we waited to see that?!



Cody & Kristen – you guys were so much fun!  Can’t wait til the wedding!

October 15th

I usually have a very strict rule that I do not work on my birthday, but at 37, birthdays just aren’t what they used to be.  Besides that, school was out all over town, and my people needed me.  🙂  So I planted myself at Banneker Park in Oella, and my people came. 

First was the Hendrick-Holmes family.  Gauis is growing so quickly…he’ll be walking any time now!


















I love this red door on the Banneker house (especially when adorable, smiling, well-dressed kids sit in front of it):


















(Side note:  Dear Stride Rite (and all other children’s shoe manufacturers), Please stop making kids shoes with unphotogenic soles.  Thank you.)

And a great family shot to top it all off:










Then I met some new friends, Bryan & Jen.  These two hot tamales were willing to do pretty much anything I asked, and they got some really great stuff. 

This one was my fave:

















Jen wore a great pair of shoes we needed to show off a little:










Love this one, too…










The sun was working its way down in the sky as the afternoon passed, and just set the great fall colors on fire!  Love these golden head shots of the Wilking girls:





















The whole group (by that great red door):










Thats just one of those pictures where you can hear the giggling, isn’t it??

Then the girls switched outfits into their tutus, and the cute factor went sky high:


















Then one last round with Ken & Shannon whose wedding I am shooting in May.  These two are so much fun, and this is one instance where it isn’t me asking them to do weird things, it is Ken who has all the crazy ideas.  I think this photo says it all:


















This next one is my favorite of them:


















A little romantic walk…


















Thanks to all who kept me busy today, not wallowing in the fact that I am getting OLD!!

I forgot Ella!

Oh, I don’t know how it happened, but there she was, sitting so lonely in my ‘blog’ folder, just waiting for the world to see how cute she is.  Waiting, waiting, waiting…  I’m SO sorry!!

Here she is…I’m going to start with my faovrite from the day.  Now, when I took this, I didn’t really care for it.  But once the color came out, and all you see are those big brown eyes…I just love it now!

















Here she is with Mommy & Daddy:










Something about this one I really like, too:









Then a quick switch into her Christmas dress, and she was hanging onto her bear and showing me some smiles:









Thank you guys so much!  I am so sorry for making you wait to have these on the blog! 



Ashley & Rich’s E Session

I woke to an overcast sky this morning, but fortunatley no rain, so I was able to meet Ashley & Rich at Quiet Waters for their engagement session.  These two were great to work with…willing to do whatever I asked, no matter how goofy.  But it defintley paid off…

















They are so in love…









We headed down to the overlook for some more fun…

















We were all trying not to fall down a hill while trying to get this one…I think this might be my fave:

















Thank you guys for choosing me…I had a blast!



Steve & Shelane’s TTD

I have known Shelane for, gosh…13 years?  She was a bright-eyed, sweet girl when I first met her…her dad & I worked together at the Picture People back in the day.  He taught me a lot about shooting weddings, and I have both her parents to thank for thinking outside of the retail-studio box.  But back to Shelane…she has since grown up, become an outstanding teacher, and married her high school sweetheart.  She & Steve are celebrating thier 5 year anniversary in a few weeks, so in honor of that, we did a Trash the Dress session at Patapsco Valley State Park.  What a great way to get back to work after vacation!  This is one of my favorite images of the day…the light was just yummy…

















Shelane looked SO pretty…


















There was a lot of giggling going on…









We headed up the Cascade Falls Trail, and got some very romantic stuff…


















Shelane was up for anything, so we totally soaked her and got some real sexy stuff…









Thank you guys so much for indulging me…you were awesome! 


Happy Birthday, Trent!

I haven’t met too many Trent’s, but it is always fun to meet kids with the same name as mine.  And this Trent was as sweet as can be, but it was a little weird yelling that name trying to get another kid’s attention.  🙂  Wednesday was Trent’s first birthday, and what an honor that he spent part of it with me!  He was in a great mood, as everyone should be on thier birthday:

















He and Daddy are big Ravens fans (as you can tell by the attire):










Nothing like that juicy evening light to add to the fun:










Once we headed to the beach, he lost all interest in me and in smiling.  He was way too busy exploring and eating sand to bother with picture taking anymore.  But I thought this one was cute:

















It was so great to meet you guys!  One more added to the list of new friends!  Happy Birthday, Trent!


The Becker’s

It was an early start Wednesday when I met the Becker’s at the park for an 8am shoot.  (Those of you who know me kno whow brutally painful that must have been…)  🙂  So we found our spot and I started getting everyone into place, when 18 month old Isabella decided she wasn’t really in the mood for all of this hoopla.  She stuck to her guns throughout the whole shoot, be we manged to get her laughing somehow with a hairbrush and got this series of shots…I am picturing these hung in Megan’s family room…three canvases right in a row in this order…




























Love them! 


The Marx Family

It has been a year since I saw Olivia, and she she is now turning five and excited about starting kindergarten!  She has grown up so much, but she is sweet and pretty as ever!  Look at this girlie:









Mommy & Daddy got in on the action this time…

















What a good looking group! 

We met at Benjamin Banneker Park for our shoot…it was so nice!  I didn’t even know what Benjamin Banneker did!  Sometimes I am embarassed to live in such a history-rich part of the country and know so little about things that happened here.  If you’re interested, read a little about him here.  Don’t say I never taught you anything…

Anyway…it was a great spot to learn some local history, and take pictures!

















And we ended with this fun shot:










Olivia…you are an AWESOME jumper!  You should think about cheerleading!  😉 


Bryan & DeNeisha’s E Session

These two will be tying the knot in September, so we headed to Down’s Park on Wednesday to take some engagement photos.  They warmed up to the camera pretty quickly, and never seemed to be at a loss for smiles…









And sometimes they even wanted to make me smile…

















But they are so sweet together…


















More smiles…


















I can’t wait for the wedding!  If the party is anything like Bryan’s cousin, Jessica, whose wedding I shot a couple years ago, it is not to be missed!  A VERY fun group…


The Finch Family

Nothing makes me feel better than good friends who trust me to take their family photos.  And I have known Chad & Anna since Rusty & I started dating back in 1989 (holy cow…), so I was happy to oblige!  Since 1989, Chad and Anna got married, and have gone on to have four adorable kids, and are overdue for an updated family photo.  We had the gang over for dinner on Monday, and then headed out Tuesday morning for a photo shoot in Piney Orchard.   And everyone did great!

Here is the whole group:








Just the guys:


















Just the girls:

















And just the kids:









It was almost too easy! 

Thanks again for thinking of me…it was great seeing you guys!  Hopefully it won’t be so long between visits next time!


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