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Happy Birthday, Trent!

I haven’t met too many Trent’s, but it is always fun to meet kids with the same name as mine.  And this Trent was as sweet as can be, but it was a little weird yelling that name trying to get another kid’s attention.  🙂  Wednesday was Trent’s first birthday, and what an honor that he spent part of it with me!  He was in a great mood, as everyone should be on thier birthday:

















He and Daddy are big Ravens fans (as you can tell by the attire):










Nothing like that juicy evening light to add to the fun:










Once we headed to the beach, he lost all interest in me and in smiling.  He was way too busy exploring and eating sand to bother with picture taking anymore.  But I thought this one was cute:

















It was so great to meet you guys!  One more added to the list of new friends!  Happy Birthday, Trent!


Bryan & DeNeisha’s E Session

These two will be tying the knot in September, so we headed to Down’s Park on Wednesday to take some engagement photos.  They warmed up to the camera pretty quickly, and never seemed to be at a loss for smiles…









And sometimes they even wanted to make me smile…

















But they are so sweet together…


















More smiles…


















I can’t wait for the wedding!  If the party is anything like Bryan’s cousin, Jessica, whose wedding I shot a couple years ago, it is not to be missed!  A VERY fun group…


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