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I forgot Ella!

Oh, I don’t know how it happened, but there she was, sitting so lonely in my ‘blog’ folder, just waiting for the world to see how cute she is.  Waiting, waiting, waiting…  I’m SO sorry!!

Here she is…I’m going to start with my faovrite from the day.  Now, when I took this, I didn’t really care for it.  But once the color came out, and all you see are those big brown eyes…I just love it now!

















Here she is with Mommy & Daddy:










Something about this one I really like, too:









Then a quick switch into her Christmas dress, and she was hanging onto her bear and showing me some smiles:









Thank you guys so much!  I am so sorry for making you wait to have these on the blog! 



The Becker’s

It was an early start Wednesday when I met the Becker’s at the park for an 8am shoot.  (Those of you who know me kno whow brutally painful that must have been…)  🙂  So we found our spot and I started getting everyone into place, when 18 month old Isabella decided she wasn’t really in the mood for all of this hoopla.  She stuck to her guns throughout the whole shoot, be we manged to get her laughing somehow with a hairbrush and got this series of shots…I am picturing these hung in Megan’s family room…three canvases right in a row in this order…




























Love them! 


The Finch Family

Nothing makes me feel better than good friends who trust me to take their family photos.  And I have known Chad & Anna since Rusty & I started dating back in 1989 (holy cow…), so I was happy to oblige!  Since 1989, Chad and Anna got married, and have gone on to have four adorable kids, and are overdue for an updated family photo.  We had the gang over for dinner on Monday, and then headed out Tuesday morning for a photo shoot in Piney Orchard.   And everyone did great!

Here is the whole group:








Just the guys:


















Just the girls:

















And just the kids:









It was almost too easy! 

Thanks again for thinking of me…it was great seeing you guys!  Hopefully it won’t be so long between visits next time!


The Sutton Family

I have been doing photos for this group for almost 3 years, and I know that because when we first me, Rachel wasn’t quite one, and she is getting ready to turn 4!  Wow…where does the time go?  Rachel is such a cutie…always shy at first, but once I get her giggling…


















Sophia has one of the worst cases of Mommy-itis EVER!  This is a sweet shot of her, but what you can’t really see is that she is actually sitting on Stephanie…


















And here is the whole group together (I love this one):










Happy Birthday, Rachel!  🙂



The Wilking Girls

I met the Wilking girls at Piney Orchard on Tuesday.  Caroline’s 5th birthday is coming up, so we needed to capture her at this momentous milestone.  Here is the birthday girl:

















Here are all the girls together…


















Kate has a little case of Mommyitis, but we got some great smiles out of her (this one makes me want to laugh out loud, too):

















And here are the sisters goofing around:










Thanks so much, girls…I had a great time!


The Monroe Family

Amy said that her little guy, Zach, never smiles in photos when she takes him to the studio. She was worried I would have a hard time.  Well, this proves what a difference it makes when you are having your photo taken out and about having a good time in a relaxed setting…check the smiles:





















And this one:





























He isn’t quite walking yet, but we got this great one of him standing (looks like he is saying, “Look at them…I’ve got them wrapped around my finger!” : 

























I had a great time with  you guys!  Shall we say you are officially not going back to Sears?  🙂

One Amy, Two Craigs & a Raven

This afternoon I had the easiest job of the week on the most beautiful day of the week!  I met Amy, her hubby, Craig, her brother, Craig (I know…what are the odds??), and their tiny dog, Raven.  No crying, no complaining (even from the guys!)…this was a cake walk.  And they were all pretty easy on the eyes, so how wrong could I go?

Here is the group:
























Siblings together:























A little romantic fun in the stream…Craig almost lost it in this one 🙂
























How much fun are they?

Then everyone threw on thier Ravens jerseys and they got a family shot:
























Seriously…thank you guys for such a fun, easy, fast shoot!  You were a treat!  🙂  And thanks to Tracy Huntsman for the referral!!  See you next week!

The Halsup Trio

Yesterday morning I met the Halsup’s at the park for some family photos.  Ethan showed me a lot of the top of his head, but we managed to get a few good smiles.  When you’re two, having pictures taken isn’t nearly as intersting as the ducks in the pond, or pine cones on the ground.  (Come to think of it…having my picture taken isn’t my favorite thing to do either…)  Here is the fam:


















The first time I worked with these guys, it was just Ethan and Mommy.  But Daddy was super at getting smiles, so I was glad to get some shots of the boys.  Who loves his Daddy?
























Here he is knee-deep in pine cones:





























More fun and games with Daddy:


















Thanks so much for yesterday!  And thanks for rescheduling…we did much better with yesteday’s sunshine!  🙂

The Fisher’s

Last Thursday, I got to spend the morning with the Fisher family.  We met two years ago when their oldest daughter, Alexis, was in my Sunday (well, Wednesday night) school class at church.  Dad is headed to Iraq for almost a year, so they wanted to get some photos together before he heads out.  (I can’t imagine life in our house without Daddy…I don’t know how so many families live with moms and dads gone so long!)

Here is Daddy & his girls:




















Here is the whole group (I love the way Gabby & Julie are looking at eachother):




















The sun was so bright, it was tough for the girls to keep thier eyes open for this one, but I thought it was cute:





















And as mom & I were walking back to the car, I grabbed this shot of Dad & the girls crossing the stream:
























Love it…

So here’s to a quick year for the Fisher girls, and safe travel and God’s protection for Dad.  Your service is appreciated!   Great to see you again!  🙂

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