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Ashley & Rich’s E Session

I woke to an overcast sky this morning, but fortunatley no rain, so I was able to meet Ashley & Rich at Quiet Waters for their engagement session.  These two were great to work with…willing to do whatever I asked, no matter how goofy.  But it defintley paid off…

















They are so in love…









We headed down to the overlook for some more fun…

















We were all trying not to fall down a hill while trying to get this one…I think this might be my fave:

















Thank you guys for choosing me…I had a blast!



The Killway Fam

It was a beautiful day to be at Quiet Waters Park, and that is where I met the Killway family.  These guys could not have been easier…Nick was so cute I had a hard time stopping my trigger finger…I must have said, “Okay, I’m finished” at least three times.  But look at this guy…can you blame me?  (And this peek a boo thing was something he started as we were walking to the car, and one of the last shots I got…I swear, he could have gone all day!)

















Here is the whole gang: Mom, Dad, Nick, Colby the dog & Grammy:

















Colby was as well behaved as all of the human subjects…he deserved a big ol’ treat:















I grabbed this one after the second “I’m finished” I think…











Thank you guys so much…what a great time!  And thanks to Brian Mullen for pimping me!  🙂

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